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  1. I like the overall concept behind updating and refining the crew system. I'm even kind of excited about the idea of a new system with new possible combinations. However, I just got done watching their little video, and that seems like an over complicated mess. This could just be a knee-jerk reaction and I might get over myself with more info, but yeah not excited about this right now. Some of the things that I don't like, or at least annoy me. The idea that the special little perks, "talents," at the end of each line are more of a trade-off than an overall just bett
  2. You wot M8? Perhaps I didn't make it clear enough, but I do believe that it is totally acceptable to refer to artillery as cancer. I actually find it quite awesome that much of the community have latched onto referring to artillery as cancer. In fact, it is a cathartic experience to destroy the in game equivalent of my affliction. Now having said that, calling artillery and the people who play artillery cancer is most definitely offensive. However, I believe that it's more on the offensive level of calling somebody a retard. This is in contrast to what a lot of people who are staunchly aga
  3. Casual Purple? Meh... How about Purple Poaster Palace? \o/
  4. u wot m8? y u negrep all my poasterinos?

    1. Totenstanz


      For the lulz m8 :P

  5. Well, since we are on the topic of cancer, and whether it's acceptable or not to call artillery "cancer." I suppose I have a somewhat unique perspective on the subject. A little over three years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 Nodular Lymphocyte-Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma. Taking a moment to look back on it all, it is amazing the amount of physical and psychological pain that I freely chose to endure. Despite everything, chemo wasn't able to put me into remission. Fortunately my type of lymphoma is fairly slow-growing, until it's not, and despite my physical state being somewhat FUBAR, as o
  6. the teams! Oh THE TEAMS! Just kill me now.

    1. prolix


      No need for that, the teams already did. Oh and you haven't seen shit until you played on the SEA server.

  7. Well, I'm done grinding the A-44! It feels good to have that tank behind me.

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      A-44 is literally cancer incarnate. I survived it, but barely.

    2. StephenHawking
    3. Totenstanz


      Yeah, it's bad, but if it just had either better frontal armor or more gun depression it wouldn't be half bad. Oh well, fuck it. On to the 416!

  8. Cool! I just got the E-25 gifted to me.

  9. Here are the last two. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to do this. #4 Siegfried Line, Standard 1. Hmm, not sure with the best counter for this is, but I suppose that's why I'm answering these things. For one thing, if your team members, who went field, would've spread out deeper into the field. They could have potential shots on the FCM and other tanks in that Far West side of town. Also, your KV-5 huddling in F6 should have maintained his defense of the six line instead of moving back. He's the one who allowed the WZ to get into a position to shoot down the F line at you. 2.
  10. Sorry these are coming in piecemeal, but here's another one done. #3 Airfield, Standard 1. You were trying to get some free damage on any tank trying to get to the ledge at E-7. I think you pushed up because you spotted an opportunity to shoot at the enemy tanks, who were all focused on your Bat on the B-line. I think that waiting, for a few seconds, for the chance to shoot someone in the side as they rush up to the E-7 ledge really isn't that bad of a decision. If in the event someone actually runs up there it ends up being a great decision, and if nobody does then you're still in a good
  11. I'm currently working on answering the rest of the questions, but in the meantime here's my answers for the first to replays. #1 Lakeville, Encounter 1. Take control of town, and forget about Valley. This is because it is encounter mode. In this game your team has a clear advantage in heavies, so aggressively winning town shouldn't be too hard. I mean, unless a lot of your team is too passive. 2. Well, your shot hit on the roof of the IS-6, which the T-30 can easily overmatch, but it looks almost like you aimed at the top of the turret front just left of the gun. You did this, I'm guessi
  12. "They" are trying to tell me what to do, but I won't listen.
  13. Forward: The account written below was not written to insult, or provoke anyone. Instead, it was written to entertain and inform. I'm not a professional writer, so don't expect perfect grammar or the most eloquent phrasing. What I have written is the truth, and whether you believe me or not doesn't really matter to me. I wrote this account because I believe the more people who know, what I've gone through today, the safer I will be. 1742 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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