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  1. Hello fellow tankers, I'm in search of a clan but to be honest I'm also interested to know if clans would even be interested in a player with my schedule. Basically I'm online Sundays-Thursdays, 10:15pm-12:15am central US. Due to this I don't feel like I contribute enough to clans that land at 20:00 prime time or earlier. To make matters worse, I'm rarely if ever online Friday or Saturday nights so that immediately eliminates two CW nights a week. I'd like to find a clan that stays on the west side of the map, doesn't have mandatory pre-battle trainings, and is open to taking a player with l
  2. Interesting point on the calling. About 90% of the time I'm asked where I'm going, yet any relevant communication pretty much stops after 30 seconds. I can request fire support and tell them what I plan to do, but when I try to provide feedback relating to their own situational awareness I can sense they don't want to hear it. So I guess I either need to force feed them with in-game examples of where they could have made better decisions or just live with it. As for your last comment - ideally that is what I'd like to do, however my opportunities to platoon with equal or better players
  3. Hello all, I was hoping to get some opinions on platoons for an above average player. I regularly platoon with a few different tankers and, while I enjoy their company, I'm struggling to consistently put up solid numbers. At times I feel responsible to carry every battle which probably causes some poor decision-making. After having some decent success strictly solo pubbing, I thought about my platoonmates and what they were contributing. Typically only seeing their overall WR I assumed the would be average to above average statistically. However their recent WR is 48% (for all thre
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm leaning towards Goliard's recommendations and then see how much of the 60k-ish grinds I can stomach for the guns. Wish me luck!
  5. My dilemma: I have saved up about 130k free xp but would like to avoid spending gold to convert any available xp. My T-54 is completely stock and E75 has just the tracks. Initially I was thinking about using all of the free xp to get both tanks upgraded w/out the top gun but then I was concerned I wouldn't be doing myself or my teammates any favors. Can you get away with all upgrades but the top gun on either of these tanks? I rarely free xp up tech trees but I'm no longer enjoying the tier 9 grinds with stock equipment (See: T95, M46, 54E1 (brutal!), and E50). Basically I'm deciding b
  6. Hello all, So this question isn't about tank classes but more player skill. And I apologize if this was previously discussed but my neophyte search skills may have missed it. I've heard that platooning with two players better than you may improve stats but not improve your gameplay as you'll get carried most of the time. I've also heard that platooning with two players worse than you will keep you from improving as you won't be able to learn much from them (and their support/team play may not be up to par). With that said, what is an acceptable platoon makeup when it comes to
  7. I would love to see some responses to this as well. A unicum mentioned that one of the biggest differences between the good players and best players is how much more unicums shoot per battle. I find myself in what I believe to be great position yet after firing a couple shots realizing most of the action is elsewhere on the map. This is more frequent with my T95 or slow heavies, as I can't get into the fight fast enough. This may have to do with being too reactive and not proactive, or being able to see where the fight will occur as opposed to waiting for it to happen.
  8. I'll have to agree with a couple tankers who mentioned the T95 getting tracked - seems like players just like to permatrack it and let their teammates flank. I've yet to put another repair kit on but I'm definitely leaning in that direction. However, my equipment loadout probably needs to be changed. Right now I have the standard camo, binocs, and rammer. Is the spall liner a must for the T95? Would you drop the binocs?
  9. Hello all, With the pending sale I was looking into getting a premium German medium for crew training. Both the tier 6 PzIV S. and tier 7 Panther/M10 are 50% off, so if you had the choice, which one would you buy? My initial research so far: Tier 6 PzIV S (1,875) or Tier 7 Panther/M10 (2,875) Both tanks have the same crew makeup as E50 and E50M; I have the E50 so either would be beneficial. Panther/M10 gets preferential matchmaking, PzIV S does not... after looking at the specs I think the lack of a better gun on the Panther/M10 plays into this so it's probably a wash. PzIV S
  10. Awesome - thanks for the responses! Just based on Kewei's comparison I'm more comfortable getting the 50 120 and making the push to the 50B. I think I'd enjoy either tank, but based on my playstyle I think I need a bit more mobility as I struggle with the slower heavies (or even mediums for that matter, like the Matilda BP). I also didn't think about the HEAT vs. APCR, but was more thinking about the possible nerf hitting the 57 Heavy with regards to the drum reload time. Can someone confirm/deny they've also heard this, or was it just a damage adjustment for the gun?
  11. Hello everyone, I've heard 8.6 brought changes to how armor behaves for some tanks (if it's in the patch notes I either can't read or comprehend), as well as the possible nerf hitting the 57 Heavy in a future patch. Based on this information (assuming it's accurate) is the 50B a better option for CW or does this just drop the 57 Heavy down the list? I'm asking since I've had the 50 100 elited for a while now but was holding off moving to the 50 120 as I didn't think the 50B would be worth the tier 9 grind.
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