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  1. https://youtu.be/ZRTrvBGkijg
  2. I might be missed the point. Anyway i think atleast giving e50 same value like 50m would be more sensible.
  3. A tier nine tank with higher expected value than its upgraded tier ten sister..... seems fair.
  4. Sorry for bad video quality my upload speed is limited. As a 1700 wn8 bob im hunger for some purple advice... Thanks. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F40EI0efEck
  5. I have spare gold thanks to monthly mission. Im gona try both jack of all trades and replacing optics with vents.. ill go with that setup like 50-60 games. Will let you know how it effected my gameplay. Thank you by the way.
  6. I gave you a +1 even before reading your comment. RDDT master race ^^. Im always afraid of getting lemming rushed in first couple minutes of games. Because im not good with getting away from collapsing lines. Most of the time i got rekt with 900 dmg done before arties reloaded... Thats why i took passive deployment for example early game 2 ^^. I know and understand advantages of early spotting. Especially effects win rate. You cant trust pubbies to do the job ^^ But after all im one of them pubbies with green stats. For f.salient map. I just dont go to hill with 62a most of the time
  7. First of all i need to apologize for video quality. Upload speed of my internet is awful. It took around 700 minutes to put it on youtube. I start playing wot long time ago. I grind 3 tier 10 tanks winh no premium account and no game knowledge. I ended up with 7500 matches and 600 wn8. Than i start working as night shift receptionist in a hotel. I had lots of time to watch streams and read wotlabs. After another 11k matches i grown my wn8 from 600 to 1440. It looks crap but wasnt so easy at all. And i think this is a great improvement. I know some of you not interested in watching repla
  8. T110E4 - 4 268 – 4 Foch – 4 113 – 3 IS-4 – 3 J100 – 3 M60 – 2.5 M48 – 2 Maus – 1 Rather than list every tank and describe why I got to it's rank feel free to ask me and I will explain why. Can you explain why you ranked T110e5 6.5 and obj 263 as 5.5 aand IS7 5.0???
  9. Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
  10. What if he was doing all of that in ordet to lower expected stats of some tanks? Than he log in his real account and pad that tanks for maximum ultra maga deus-ex god mod wn8/dmg farming?
  11. Try league of legends.. No metter how good you are if 2 players disconnected or if you are in a potato team you are a bad player..
  12. Crew I Have a 4 skill crew transfer from the Type59 Commander Bia, 6th, Recon,Camo Gunner Bia, SnapShot, Repair ,Camo Driver Bia, Smooth Ride, Repair, Camo Loader Bia, Safe Stowage, Repair ,Camo Equipment Optics ,Vertical Stabilizer ,Gun Rammer I think this setup deepgift showed is no longer useful. After global accuracy nerf ıts better (for t34-3, wz 120 and 121) replace binocs for vents... It feels more like a brawling tank than camo scout...
  13. What is no camera rock? Is it for stop that shaking when you insta stop from full speed and turn in sniper mod? Some german tanks realy annoying me (Panther mostly) That suspension shake makes aim time almost 2x longer for me... :/
  14. So what if a player made 10k battle since 2012.. Some of the data will be so old anyway.
  15. Is it good idea shoot below of a tank in order to splash its belly with huge splash radius he shells?
  16. Surprised panther 8.8 have 1294.80 expected dmg... Its more than obj 416 and many other tier 8s....
  17. Set reverse ''S'' key also as 4. 5. mouse button. It can save your arse when you chill out passive scout in a bush with beer in left hand... Suddenly 6. sense goes off and you can reverse with out spliting cold beer on your pants
  18. How to do well in Redshire when you are playing as slow heavy like IS4. Especiall with 2-3 arty scums in each teams. Im not going to 1 line because most of the time that place getting out flanked from mid and that line is a long corridor of certain death. If you try to get cover behind rocks on path, enemy can hit turret sidefrom mid hill. If i hide sides of the rocks in order to deny flanking from hill im toasted by arty or td's in H1-C1 depends on north or south spawn. When i went to popular heavy spot on E0-F0 the only think i can do give boner to scumy arty players. :/ No matter how
  19. Its just not making sense to me. Losing or not helping team even when wining is not funny at all.
  20. I stop playing when population on server goes down like 250-300 players in que... That means less chance to be top tier in my indien... 10/8 games in tier 10 mm dosnt help at all.
  21. 1129,53 dpg 543 xp 214 matches 54,21% win 2098,09 wn8 That was my first acc and i wasnt even know what a tank is... That machine wasnt that bad.
  22. Mr. Falkers from eu was my favorite agressive unica player. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFalkers A full close range brawling med player with nice personality.
  23. Gun handling is insane on this tank. So you dont vaste any time staying in kill zone in order to aim. Armor is not necessary if you have a gun like that. Panther 8.8 is an effective tank for both making money and grwoing wn8. (1600+ dmg = purple stat)... Also its a fun tank to play when you do hilarious weak spot hits from 400 meters every 5.90 seconds
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