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    Hvguy reacted to Luna in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    I'm too lazy to snip. 
    Yes having goals is fine, but getting all up in arms when expected change is just silly. (on mobile so I can't see stats) It doesn't matter if your recent dropped by 1000, make it your goal for this month to bring it up to the same level it was before. Then when stuff gets shifted around back to normal, watch as it goes even higher than before. BAM improvement. 
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    Hvguy reacted to Lilsaah in T-62A 4000 wn8 session   
    Mistakes were made in the abbey game. When you go in on the Grille everyone on the enemy team has shits on you. Instead of stopping in the open you should keep moving forwards until the e100/vk b cant shoot you. Same goes after you killed the grille, you are in a pretty hopeless situation and stopping and trying to snipe the vk doesnt make it better. 
    Try to limit the amount of enemies youre engaging at the same time
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    Hvguy reacted to Fulcrous in Green dude needs a hand T62-A game play   
    This is just me but I'd swap out recon for Jack of All Trades if you want to run food and simply replace medkit with food so you can get an extinguisher. I personally don't like the risk of fires, which is probably why you're playing really passive as pompous mentioned due to the risk of fire.

    You also have sit awareness and bia so honestly optics isn't really necessary anymore as you'll still outspot other tanks outside of stationary leos/bats purely because you have camo trained up as well. Just replace optics with vents.

    Other than that, ditto-ing Pompous
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    Hvguy reacted to Pompous in Green dude needs a hand T62-A game play   
    I'll watch a few games and give my thoughts.
    1. Holy shit your camera-spazz is quite something.
    Game 1: Initial position is probably fine, I might push up to the ridge in D5/6 sometimes but it's honestly personal preference. The first shot you had against the 50b, i'd have rolled back a bit to be further back from the bush. There is no way that shot won't get you lit, so try to be positioned to pull away quickly. You also fired, got lit, didn't react, and took damage for it, which could have been cleaner, I think. A lot of your camera-spazzing seems to be from bounces or misses or whatever, I assume you getting frustrated. Honestly, for me, I find being calm helps more. Some people are definitely better players when angry, so whatever works I guess. Honestly there's not much to say here, you have some good shooting, you have some bad shooting, but mostly so far you're just farming from a central location on the map, which is fine, I'm sure your 1390 appreciated the help with clearing out base, and it was important to get done. Very little to say here, you didn't really have much going on, was just a shooting gallery.
    Game 2: Initial position is... pretty passive. You start off just staring down the 8 line, which is a fairly lax thing to do. You end up following the 54 into where I tend to deploy my mediums, it feels like a lot more can be done from here to control the center of the map and give you openings. Doing a good job of making it difficult to damage you, which is an important skill in the 62A. Doing a lot of camera-panning to make sure you're aware of what's going on, which is again, very good. You do a good job of not getting impatient on the patton and instead just collecting your free kill. Game is mostly over at this point, you're just cleaning up the damage. Again, fairly steamroll, though you did make nice plays vs the E5 initially and the M48 later on, but ultimately, you're farming AFKs for most of this game.
    Game 3: Initial spot is VERY far back, very far west, which I find surprising. You have no initial lights for your team, no initial damage, pretty disappointing deployment here. Either further forward on your current position to get some shots on stuff crossing while using that rock to protect from the east, or play the 6 line initially for early damage/lights and then flex west. But honestly this is a super passive play, just waiting for things to happen around you rather than making anything happen yourself. You move to the 6 which is.. fine. But again, you're taking a position that is entirely dependent on your team to light for you, which is a weird place to be as a meduim tank very capable of lighting. You just seems very indecisive, maybe down to the map playing slower and your not being as comfortable with that playstyle? Unsure. Lot of sitting and waiting for other people to do things, not really you looking for lights/shots very much. Suddenly, yolo from a bunch of dudes. You just pull back rather than trying to play the bowl and just being under their guns, although honestly with how many rushed you it probably is minor. You are pretty lucky the Lorraine/E50m didn't follow up the IS7, but that was pretty well palyed. You do well once the engagement starts, but getting there you seem extremely passive. You flub kindof a lot of damage on the mediums on the hill during their push, either due to bad shot placement or some strange bounces. But you're in a pretty vulnerable spot given how weak you are. You're out on your own on the 6 line, with your whole team in E1/D1, you see the 54 coming at you and just kinda.. stay. Either an attempt to track as he came over for you or trying to leave would have been a better option but you got pretty rekt by the yolo here, not much fault of your own, outside of the passivity I mentioned.
    Game 4: Initial spot, again, a lot further back than I'd play. You are the perfect tank to be up in E3, on the road, hull-down, spotting the crossing, while looking for track shots. You can easily shed 1-2k hp off their push before they can even get there, it's such an easy advantage to get, especially when it's shots you're wanting to take anyway. Blind shots on the hill are good, and your reaction to the mid push thing was fine. But again, here we are, sitting, waiting for something to happen. This may be a NA vs EU thing, but honestly, even from EU streams I watch, this is pretty passive gameplay and you seem content to just sit in it and let it happen. Once your IS4/1390 push up, you move up to the castle and start working. GJ on the arty, plenty of people mess that type of situation up when the tank goes dark. From here we're pretty much already in cleanup mode. First shot on the JPE that you autoaimed could have been a track shot, not much reason not to, really. But not a huge deal either way. All in all, a pretty solid farm.
    Game 5: Already discussed my issues with your position on this map, though at least this time you have some ridge-surfers to bully, and you're doing a pretty good job of that. Although you get weirdly passive and back off the bulldogs before they could possibly have help and it gets your T49 killed, then leaving an awkward spot where they have 2 bulldogs escaping situations they really shouldn't have. But again, good initial damage/counterscouting, and you flex over to the 6 to help with the hill, which is good. Very easy farming from here.
    Probably gonna be done at this point. You have a solid grasp on stuff. Honestly your initial deployments just seem passive, which makes... a certain amount of sense given the consistency needed for marks, which is what I assume you're doing in this games moreso than just playing regularly. The only weird thing is your shot placement on some tanks seems... off, slightly. This is mostly just very passive farming games, very little of you trying to get things done/get the game moving, which is fine if that's what you're going for.
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    Hvguy got a reaction from NoobestNoob in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy reacted to WhiskeyJack_ in 121 Tactics and Mods?   
    eww redshire.
    Your deployment is bad. Generally you want to go G5 trees if you have someone spotting the 1 line, or go and spot the 1 line. Make sure to have good SA so you can flex back north as needed.
    You are being way too passive. You have shots on no one, you see you have shots on no one, but you continue to camp there. You need to act, go to 1 line, go up by the bat chats, go to the top of the mountain and see if you can get shots down, anything but sit there. It's 4 minutes into the game and all you've done is hit a light tank once.
    When the IS7 shows up you switch to HEAT rounds. You should've shot a regular round and had the HEAT round qued up afterwards. You wasted 7 seconds for a round, when you could've at least tried to damage him with one round then loaded the HEAT. You are doing well with vision abuse, you'll constantly keep him lit at 400m, and he won't be able to light you with your camo rating, giving you free reign to shoot him. unfortunately you have no cover to duck behind if you do get spotted, and they are moving up the hillside. You're very exposed.
    Apparently you were spotted, do you have sixth sense? I don't recall seeing the lightbulb go off. IS7 gets a free hit on you. You also had your side exposed so he hit your ammo rack, making you burn your repair kit.
    I think you're wasting too much time on this 1 IS7 at this point, your team is pushing up the 3/4 line, you have a T10 TD at the top of the mountain, a tier9 TD in town with you, a tier10 and 9 heavy in the small town on the hill, and another T10 TD on the other side of town. That IS7 isn't any kind of danger of taking your cap right now, I would move to re-enforce the push on the 3/4 line.
    I'm not sure what you're even doing at this point, you're just pushing the LTs body around.
    The IS7 dies thanks mostly to the jage100, as you're pushing up the 6 line you're tunnel visioned onto the IS4 and don't notice the object in the town right next to you until well after where he could've put a round into you.
    You are playing way too passively. While this tank and the 62A have the potential to be snipers and abuse camo/view range, you're also a brawling tank. Redshire is a shit map for brawling, but you were still very passive. You're wasting a lot of potential, you weren't maximizing DPM etc. You wasted a lot of time and didn't really do much of anything. You were the epitome of a PUB. You could've DCd at the start of the match and I don't think it would've ended up differently at all. You just weren't effective in any way.
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    Hvguy reacted to Anfield in Anfield Ranks the Tier 10 Tanks   
    Okay so obviously Garbad posted his new power ranking list, all due respect to him but I took a look but was surprised where he ranked certain tanks and because I disagreed on a large number I decided to make my own list.
    So this my list and my opinion:
    E100 – 9 
    T-62A – 9
    Object 140 - 9
    AMX 50B – 8.5
    Waffle  – 8
    STB – 8
    Fv215b - 7.5
    E-50M – 7.5
    T57 – 7.5
    Bat Chat - 7.5
    Object 430 - 7.5
    183 - 7
    Vk7201 – 7
    T110E5 – 6.5 
    FV4202 – 6.5
    263 - 5.5
    121 – 5.5
    IS-7 - 5

    Leopard – 4.5

    T110E4 - 4
    268 – 4 
    Foch – 4
    113 – 3
    IS-4 – 3
    J100 – 3 
    M60 – 2.5
    M48 – 2
    Maus – 1
    Rather than list every tank and describe why I got to it's rank feel free to ask me and I will explain why.

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    Hvguy got a reaction from Cunicularius in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy reacted to TankkiPoju in BAD BLOOD: CDC vs T-54P   
    You just answered your own question: WG is able to sell premium tanks, because they are all pretty good... but there is just that something lacking in every one of them. So people buy the next one, since maybe it will be perfect. They never are.
    Well except Cromwell B and Rudy maybe...
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    Hvguy reacted to Garbad in Garbad ranks the tier 8 Lights   
    Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
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    Hvguy got a reaction from JimmytehHand in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy got a reaction from HapcDave in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy got a reaction from Joebob73 in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy got a reaction from Kristoffon in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy got a reaction from hiipanda in So, *something* is gonna happen with premium ammo.   
    Wow so much hate ^^ And most of you cry for tanks that only work with gold rounds.. Wg going to buff ap penetration of some tank and nerf their gold rounds.. look at rita's site and see e100 ap change ^^
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    Hvguy reacted to FlorbFnarb in When you gaze long enough into abyss   
    That guy's so beyond red I can't even call him infrared. He's some sort of ultra-low-frequency radio wave.
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    Hvguy reacted to deepgift in The 121 *Crouching DeepGift, Hidden China Dragon* from one if it’s top Players. A guide with no BooB’s But an awesome tank.   
    Getting there
    The 121 is by far my favorite tank even the 120 was a fun grind with me having almost 1k battles in the type 59 grinding a crew/ playing it the 121,120,type 59 feel very much like the same tank but up tiered,
    Having about 10% of my games somehow dedicated to this tank I feel one with it  |300+  121,  300+ 120 ,~1000,t59|
    How I got there, I’ve had the 59 since they put it on sale for the last time I jumped on the chance back when I was a scrubby to play this rare god of a tank.
    Back when I started playing again china tanks had just come out, I free xped to the 59-16, skipped the 131 played some of the 132 and made my way to the 120
    The Wz 120 starts painful only having the 100mm from precisely researched tiers so it becomes an over glorified type 59, where you really start to see the power in this line is with the 122mm with a 440~ average damage roll it is a heavy gun on a medium tank, compared to most other tier 10’s only having a 390 average damage roll this monster at tier 9 has the alpha and reload ~ 10 seconds to make a tier 10 think twice about pushing
    Looking back at my type 59 it’s much harder to play now that I’ve logged so much time in the 121 and 120, it just isn’t up to par with the increased armor and fire power which scaled is massive, both for their tiers are power houses where as the type struggles to keep up
      Ive heard the 121 not get much love over time DPM isn’t the biggest deal to me its dealing damage you can get out there keep exposer to a minimum and throw down some heavy sized damage
    The Gun
    The massive 122 With 2750 ADPM Stock
    With vents/Bia/Ramer reload of 7.92|||| DPM 3333
    Bia/ramer 8.10||DPM3259
    74 DPM difference which is not much The difference Between Vents & no vents
    Accuracy of 0.35m
    Aim time of 2.70
    Dispersion from moving                0.14
    Dispersion from turret rotation    0.14
    Turret traverse 40*/second
    Depression sadly, -3/+15
    Pen  Ap  194-323  Avg 258  HEAT   255-425 Avg 340
    Damage  330-550  Avg 440
    Good gun all-round big weak spot is in the depression
    It can often hit a tank on the move or while moving I don’t have any problems hitting that scout moving at full speed, and its not the worst shot trying to make a hit go in while going in between 2 patches of cover
    The Armor
    With the average hp of a medium tank it has 1950 which falls in line  you can take 2-7 penning shots depending on what hits you but usually u can count on 4 + depending on bounces & exposure
    Well Angled Frontal armor at 120mm Sloped at 50*
    So head on an effective armor of 156 but give that a 30* angle(of your tank) and you get an effective of 313 on your upper plate
    On the lower plate of 80mm angled at 50* with 104 effective angled at 30* gives an effective of 208. This is a good bit lower. If you can hide it all the better
    Side’s of paper at 80mm | Rear of 60mm
    Frontal 240mm | Sides of 130mm  |  A Rear of 60mm
    If feels like a upgraded Type 59 you can’t always count on the front plate but well angled you can expect to bounce making sure you cover/ protect your lower plate and hide your inner sprocket when you poke and you will be golden(unless there flinging lots of gold)
    Going hull down is a must if you can expose only that turret at range your hard to pen and it’s not likely to happen often
    Weak spots

    The longer view slit on the turret near the flat spot, is weaker

    Feels alot better you don't get racked as much as the type 59 or the 120
    Terrain Resistance
    Soft 1.8  Med .9  Hard .8
    HorsePower  580   Hp/Ton 1.89
    Top Speed of 56 but on level ground don’t see it going past 50~
    Your Slow to get started, but once you’re moving your good to go,
    Set Up
    I Have a 4 skill crew transfer from the Type59
    Commander    Bia,   6th,                 Recon,Camo
    Gunner           Bia,  SnapShot,      Repair ,Camo
    Driver              Bia, Smooth Ride, Repair, Camo
    Loader            Bia, Safe Stowage, Repair ,Camo
    Optics ,Vertical Stabilizer ,Gun Rammer
    Large Med Kit, Large Repair Kit, Automatic Fire Extinguisher
    Your driver/ ammo rack are your 2 most damaged important modules, the large repair kit is for increased repair speed on tracks, where you need the automatic because you can get set on fire from the front with your forward mounted fuel tank
    40 Rounds
     25 AP, 13Heat,2 HE
    Heat is a Beast use it to pen those shots on super heavy tanks otherwise you will do fine with standard ap, and HE for those must reset moments or to scare off a super hull down tank(I don’t use them often)
    The 74 DPM difference which is not much The difference Between Vents & no vents, which really isn’t much
    Play Style
    People ask me what the 121 is like and I say a T62-a With the IS-4’s Gun, the overall platform is very similar to the T62-a but you’re a bit more clunky with that extra turret armor and bigger gun, but you can make up for it because you have that big gun.
    I use the 121 as a forward tank, it can get into the early action and dish out as much damage as most heavy’s but, it can’t take a hit so u got to make sure you know your maps,. Towards the end of a battle being able to take that extra hit can mean the game for you.
    Knowing your map is important as well as to play the depression game knowing little spots where u can gain that little bit extra depression without exposing your self can be the difference between getting a shot and not, pick your engagements and understand that you can’t always go running in on a target that is lower than you.
    Knowing spots that cover your lower plate or that hide your hull while you still have shots are the best ones but are often few and far between, but a wall works wonders when you poke out and deal 800 damage to that e-100 just as quick as he can while being able to evade his gun.
    You Have Speed knowing how to use it helps, you’re not the fastest tank but you can get to a flank before it falls and make the difference. You have the speed and armor you’re a mid-ranged brawler you don’t have the accuracy of a lot of other tanks so sniping is harder with your lower accuracy gun.
    The way I play is, as long as there is armor in front of you your up there your gun is helping there’s
    My 2 Big Rules
    1.Get Your Gun In The Fight
    2.Keep Your Gun In the Fight
    Your Regular AP rounds are GREAT you really don’t need gold innless you need it to pen some super heavy tank, this fact alone should make your enemy’s quiver when they see your and your big old gun out there
    +Gud Gun
    +Good Platform
    +Good HullDown
    7.2k out in 5 min
    8.2k & 7kills
    Platoon carry of team
    good overall use of terrain
    5th place link
    Over all still a Work in Progress but its a start.
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    Hvguy reacted to Valachio in WZ-120   
    Despite the fact that this tank is a piece of shit, it is actually pretty good.
    Mobility is the main strength of this tank, you will be able to speed up to 30-40 km/h almost instantly and go up to 56 km/h and hold that speed as long as you're going on flat ground.  The mobility allows for drive by shotgunning, ability to zoom past and put a 440 damage shell into the enemy and run away before the enemy even realizes what's going on.  Provided that you have to time the shot perfectly or the horrible gun control and the lack of depression WILL fuck you up. (WZ-120's mobility = OP)
    Gun is both a strength and a HUGE weakness.  Extremely high AP penetration allows you to save money by not having to spamming HEAT and the ability to fire HEAT allows for great opportunities such as trolling E-100's turret cheeks.  The gun control is absolutely horrid for a tier 9 tank.  You cannot shoot on the move, you cannot snapshot, you can expect a 50% miss chance at any target 200m+ unless you are willing to stand still and aim for 5 seconds (and a lot of the times you will still miss after aiming 5 seconds).  Seriously the gun control is so frustrating for a tier 9 medium tank, it is so fucking annoying.  (WZ-120's gun = not really OP)
    I'm going to make a separate paragraph discussing the depression of the gun because it is basically the factor that can kill this tank for many people.  Using this tank's gun requires A LOT of patience, you cannot expect to make a lot of shots and at close range, you won't be able to aim into the lower plate of some tanks like the IS-8.  The worse thing you can possibly do is to expose your entire tank, showing your worthless hull armor, and then take a shot at the enemy.  Most of the cases, by the time this happens, you would've already lost half your hp to enemy return fire.  You have to work the terrain until you can have that shot at your enemy preferably only exposing a tiny bit of your hull armor.  Playing this tank requires a lot of experience with terrain and you have to understand that on some maps you are basically worthless until the later stages of the game where you can hunt down enemies or defend an enemy attack from a position that does not require depression. (e.g. Sand River, Prokhorovka, etc.)
    Armor is crap.  Turret is pretty good from the front, cupolas are a bit too big and flat but they're alright.  Turret cheeks feels like they're more easily penned than T-54's turret cheeks.  Hull armor is the same as Type 59's and at tier 9 it is worthless unless you can put it at an autobounce angle.  (WZ-120's armor = crappy)
    Honestly I do kind of enjoy this tank but it gets really frustrating sometimes, currently getting a 95% win rate and 3.3k DPG over 25 battles but this figure is likely to change.  I feel like the WZ-111 1-4 does everything better than the WZ-120.  Just remember the main strength of the WZ-120 is great mobility/agility + high alpha and penetration.  Patience is key
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    Hvguy reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in The "OMG this tank is AWESOME" WZ-131 thread   
    Fuck you and your buffed wz. I bought one in anticipation for the patch but still not here on NA. At least I can play single shot bulldog while it's still good
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    Hvguy reacted to SONOFABENCH in Need tips for arty avoidance, or how to be arty safe while keeping your gun in the game.   
    On maps like Prok
    1) peak over hill to shoot
    2) get spotted (arty will move over to you)
    3) start backing up and swerving and weaving like a drunk driver
    4) throw it in forward to fake out, then start reversing again
    5) dont stop #3... moment you stop your tank... you're toast
    6) *splash* *miss*
    These guys are the toughest to shoot on that map.
    If you have an e100... dont go mid lol.
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    Hvguy got a reaction from Statpadderer in Quick tips.   
    Set reverse ''S'' key also as 4. 5. mouse button. It can save your arse when you chill out passive scout in a bush with beer in left hand... Suddenly 6. sense goes off and you can reverse with out spliting cold beer on your pants 
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    Hvguy reacted to ItchyTasty in Quick tips.   
    Learn to use the Overmatch mechanic it can save your ass/make your trading much more efficient.
    Two tanks at 50% health is always better than one tank at 100% health.
    Let Reds show you where the Germans is.
    Don't get greedy. It's an ambush.
    If your pubby yolos a tank that does not have support you better damn well shoot the hostile.
    Unsnipe between shots. Keep aware of your surroundings.
    Face hugging with tall tanks eliminates some of the advantage of sloped armor making penetration easier.
    When face hugging try blocking their shots with your gun.
    Wiggle while reloading.
    Pull out of cover 1-2 seconds before you're reloaded it allows you to aim for that time and pull off a more accurate shot than a snap shot. (this is dependent on enemy positioning and reloading but can be helpful.)
    Shoot destructible houses near where a hostile is hiding lowering the amount of cover they have to hide behind before you blow up the one in front of them. 
    Keep your barrel hot, if you aren't firing shit isn't dying.
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    Hvguy reacted to jsgx3 in Quick tips.   
    Don't follow a pushing tank so closely you block him from backing up, clip him or ram into him when he stops to fire.

    Flip side.

    Don't stop a push/rush by stopping your tank in a choke point and causing a traffic pile up.
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    Hvguy reacted to quentincf in Quick tips.   
    So we have a quick question/quick answer thread. I thought we could start a thread where people could page through and just see some easy 1 line tips.
    If you look at your mini-map and you are the only one on your side of the map (and you are not a scout). Relocate.
    Make sure to upvote the doodz with the l337est mega-hax0rz awesomerest tips.
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    Hvguy got a reaction from Zythalin in The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread   
    Mr. Falkers from eu was my favorite agressive unica player. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFalkers A full close range brawling med player with nice personality.
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