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  1. https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198033765357/?cc=us Aww, missed most hours played by so little...
  2. yeah Tiger I's turret is waaay better, majority of it is 150mm thick, with 200mm thick sides, but a couple of only 50mm thick areas. It's also a ridiculous mess of spaced armour zones with no real way to reliably hit the thin areas. This things turret is traaaash, but I'mma still get it cause I'm a sucker for German tanks. And I find tier 7 to be my favourite, not sure if that makes me a masochist or not.
  3. I mentioned the camping in B2 while the enemy was busy shooting the aforementioned E-100s from the mid ridge. I gave no-one's position away, and to say the weren't actively helping us lose is just wrong. They effectively took three of our top tier heavies out of the game till the last few minutes and easily cost us any chance at a win.
  4. This triple E-100 platoon on Prokhorovka... Words hardly suffice. Pretty average match lineup. Err, not a good place for E-100s to be a minute and a half into the match And their reasoning is top notch... Hurr durr, we don't wanna be shot by arty in our triple E-100 platoon, so we're gonna do nothing all match and get shot by arty later. http://wotreplays.com/site/2596380?secret=c9ace651b1a06f5c6f23bb6981c59ab9
  5. Reinstalled Aslains, turns out that was the problem. Weird. Cheers.
  6. I can't buy tanks anymore. I can buy and sell literally anything else but I can't buy a tank. Anyone else had this and know how to fix it?
  7. Also forget autoaiming at anything even at point blank range. I swear the game misses them all on purpose.
  8. Who said anything about at a distance? If I'm at a distance I either shoot the hull or I just don't shoot. I'm talking about at close range when the T32 is hulldown. For example if a T32 is sitting in F9 on Arctic region and I'm below him at G9 in my IS-6. Just because most people won't abuse it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  9. Point the gun at the sky, the mantlet should stop being an autobounce zone and absorbs their shells. But yeah, every time I meet one, even in my IS-6 or T-44 I just abuse the shot-trap. It rarely fails.
  10. Just because the VK-P had better gun handling than the WZ, or E-75 doesn't make it good by any stretch of the imagination and its lengthy reload means that the IS-8 can put 880 damage into it for every 490 it does in return. The IS-8 just happens to have 260mm of pen with AP, so it can reliably put holes in every part of the VK-P's armour except for the U/LFP, and no one shoots there if they want to pen. The point is, while it has good frontal armour, it isn't nearly as invulnerable as people seem to think. It's a one trick pony to the extreme. A player of your caliber presumably platooning wi
  11. I don't get the whole "VK-P is invulnerable from the front" business, I have very little trouble filling that MG port full of holes with the IS-8's stupid good peekaboom capability. VK-P drivers almost never wiggle, and when they do it's just too slow. Then there's the VK-P's terrible reload and gun handling, so I can often bait a shot then put two straight through that MG port. And if VK-P drivers misjudge a sidescrape or try come around a corner then it's permatrack city. Not to mention you can 50% of the time put a reg AP round straight through the turret face, or easily 100% of the time pu
  12. I've started getting this bug recently: The game just gets stuck like that immediately after leaving the match, anyone know what causes it? Google doesn't seem to have any answers.
  13. Some bloke from SHOJO showing off how badassand cool he is with his internet threats, racism and posting his address in chat to get some other guy to come fight him. Many lols were had by eveyone else. The red bit was his bloody street address. http://wotreplays.com/site/2127039?secret=c9ace651b1a06f5c6f23bb6981c59ab9
  14. The vast majority of the E-75 and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B's turret roofs are 60mm thick and are thus immune to triple overmatch unless hit by a 183. The 40mm thick part of their roofs are sloped downwards at the back for the most part. I wouldnt trust hitting something that small with accuracy that meh. Also this.
  15. RNGesus couldn't even be arsed to try in my case. Just zapped me for my 1550 HP outta the blue for having the nerve to sidehug a stationary E-75 in my IS-6. No shot, nothing, Just dead.
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