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  1. Everything I saw was saying radar on RU cruisers only, added to US in the next patch.
  2. How hard would it be to come up with a different flag for rank 1...
  3. It took them like a month to give out the Kitakami last time.
  4. I still have one from last ranked season... wasn't that supposed to go away?
  5. BGrey


    Did the Colorado accuracy even change at all? The only thing i remember was a RoF and turret traverse buff.
  6. There are no stupid queue times atm, there is either a fast match if you are below rank 5 or no matches if you are above it (in NA though I imagine it is there same everywhere so far).
  7. Alsorobots had said this; "Cool stuff for this one. I personally pushed for a special reward for Rank 1 players. Really excited to announce it. " Then there was this: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/58660-kamikaze-r/page__st__20__p__1433562#entry1433562
  8. Has anyone figured out what the supposed reward ship is?
  9. He isn't bad, pretty good at dealing damage really, but he does think a bit highly of himself.
  10. One of the most prolific shit talkers in ranked..
  11. If you intend to use the captain on a t9 or t10 with the repair ability then superintendant is the clear choice. Even on t6-8 it might be decent due to the change of AA barrage to limited charges. If this captain is only going to be used on the Konigsberg then high alert is your only real choice.
  12. I hit a mostly broadside Furutaka citadel from around 7km in New Mexico. I didn't quite see where the shot landed though. There were also 5 other hits and a total of 20k damage, seemed about right.
  13. BGrey


    Seeing the coming US DD buffs I decided to continue on this line again, it seems Farraguts stock torpedoes are actually getting a bit worse so I decided to work on upgrading it now. This left me with a few questions. Captain skills - Currently I have situational awareness, basic firing training, torpedo armament expertise and superintendent. I just got the points to pick up a level four skill and am a bit stumped, for the first time there are multiple skills that could be very useful. So, demolition expert, advance firing training, or last stand? While this is for the Farragut I am likely to use this same crew progressing on the line. Equipment Slots - I took main battery mod 1 in the first slot (though I was still detonated in both of the two matches I played so far) and steering gears mod 1 in the third slot. What I couldn't decide was the second and fourth slots, are they even worth equipping something for? Hull choice - Is the distinction between the B and C hulls availability of engine boost and AA barrage? I had tried using the Nicholas with the AA ability and AA range upgraded but it was generally lackluster though in some cases I was able to shoot down a decent number of planes and help protect exposed allies. I am just not sure what to think about this, neither choice seems to stand out.
  14. BGrey


    Well I kept mine and got paid 3.3 mill for already having one
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