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  1. He also insisted that I was Laera, and attempted to spread that through tickets, PMs and forum messaging, despite it being in no way factual T.T;; Maybe it's a weird obsession? EVERYONE IS IN DISGUISE FOR SOME REASON
  2. I had no idea we were the same person!! i'm glad someone let me know.... hehe. also, i've never been to north carolina... #wotconspiracy
  3. What should stay, what should go, what do you want to see more / less of? What would you like to see happen with maps in the future? I want to know all your thoughts about current and potential maps, frequency and what you think of them. We'd like to improve maps based on your feedback.
  4. r/wargaming or r/worldoftanks? I see you're a reddit officer!! congrats on that. that's dedication, and r/worldoftanks is a favorite of mine!
  5. i didn't mean you specifically - i've just been getting a lot of "well nothings happened before / nothing will happen / empty promises / no one ever comes through" kind of responses, and i'm actually very sweet and Southern polite - but I just wanted to throw out there that I'm not wasting my time with "well the last person...." etc type stuff, yknow? I'm not "the last person" - and i can't change what they did. But I can start over, and try to do better. I also get a lot of abusive mail, from players that hate me without giving me a chance. I'm just wanting to let people know that if you give me a chance to act - i will literally do MY VERY BEST to be the best CM possible, and represent what you want. yknow? Anyway, apologies - i didnt intend for that to be an attack or anything - more of a preemptive "i dont deal with this kind of thing" shield. I really sincerely appreciate everyone being super real, no BS with me. I'm already loving WotLabs, i've already become a WN8 statwhore (i can't help it. i love numbers popping off heads and XP grinds. it's in my blood.) But yeah: I understand that there's some seperation between Minsk and other regions - look at FTR, sometimes I learn stuff i didn't know, by setting FTR as my homepage. So clearly we have some stuff to work on - but I can tell you that it's something WG is actively working to improve. And I'll be as loud as possible for NA. Thanks for the welcome, and again - apologies if my post was too aggro - mainly just a defense shield so that I dont have to put up with abusive messages in the future. what happened with 0.8.6? What changes were made, and why did they make arti / arty "worse"?
  6. hahaha well. i'm not made of magical unicorn hair, and i think enough people want the arty still, that that one seems like a stretch. But just like anything, if you can show in numbers, that enough people want it changed - i have no idea if WG would change it. but, i would definitely escalate it. That is one huge game mechanic though, and would take actual legitimate showing of statistics to gain any traction. also, wotlabs has told me i've reached my limit of liking / upvoting posts. you guys are so much fun, that i've already expended my limit of wotlabs "likes" XD
  7. People that won't give me a chance, before saying i can't do anything - you've already made your mind up. lmk when you want to have an actual conversation, where i get to do my bits - instead of you putting words in my mouth (a huge pet peeve of mine). until you open your mind to the potential that i can do something here, we don't really have anything to talk about. I don't put up with bullying or abuse, but I'm always down for a legitimate conversation. For everyone else: thanks! yes. stick around. You and I are going to get along famously. I'm loud, I've been a Community Manager for 8 years, and I get shit done. And that's why WG hired me. Plus, i love tanks. N00b or not, this game kicks ass, and that's why i'm here. I'm a gamer. I've been gaming since the Atari. I don't represent games that I don't play. Tanks is one of the best free to play games out there (I also play DOTA!! RAWR!), and I love the game. So let's get me sorted, get that battle count up, and lets start making tanks what we want it to be.
  8. That's a great question. Maybe I should have an email address for players to use... For now, i'm overwhelmed with messages on the forums, and thus am having trouble keeping up with responses, BUT I READ ALL OF THEM. So please know that if you send a message, you may not see a response quickly, but i have read it (in my gmail - in case it doesn't show as "read" i apologize!) You can also reach me on Skype: KMaus_WGNA The problem is similar - i read everything but so many people contact me each day that it's hard to respond to them all. what have you found successful in the past, if anything? I will look into what options will be best for making sure that i not only see your request, but hopefully can come up with the capacity to respond to as many as possible as well. am brainstorming & open to suggestions. i want to be reachable, thus - i'd like to find an ideal solution to your question.
  9. pancakes are my favorite to eat, but waffles are clearly more interesting. i'm also enjoying the waffle tank. And i can't find the original post, but yes: refer-a-friend is coming VERY soon! i think in 9.4...?
  10. your avatar is brilliant!! XD

  11. YES. that's the brilliance of having someone that isn't all corporate background (me~!) - you can help turn me into whatever kind of tanker you want representing you. let the brainwashing begin! XD
  12. Anyone else banging their head against a wall, waiting for Civ: Beyond Earth to release this week? Civ and Minecraft are my addictions.... It looks like a lot of the changes are very pro- Endless Space, which is interesting. Hoping they keep a lot of what makes Civ feel like Civ, rather than copying Civ clones... but yeah. pretty excited. haven't been this excited about a pre-order for quite some time....!
  13. ^^^ This is why I'm here! I know I'm a n00b (so if you come in and call me a n00b, i'll make a sarcastic "Captain Obvious" statement - don't try to insult me with obvious facts about my battle average. I'm new. I'm working on it. You can see my WN8 improving over time. Dont message me to yell at me about how much of a n00b i am - you're wasting both our time), and I'm specifically coming to WotLabs, to learn from the best, and to get better. I'm KMaus. I'm the new CM. I'm not great at tanks. I need to get my battle count up. I'm working on it. I love this game, and I want to help make it the best it can be. I need your help. YOU are the expert(s), and we know you haven't been represented. I'm the solution - the "Souffle girl" (for you Dr Who fans), if you will. I know stuff has sucked for you guys with community lately, and so does WG - so they brought me in to fix it. So let's talk. I'm not afraid of frank discussion. I'm also not the bad guy here - I'm the one who is here to help fix things. So let's be friends. Let's talk. Bring me up to speed. And let's start fixing stuff. I'm currently working on fixing moderation. I can't talk about it yet, but I will when I'm able to, and I feel confident that we know your concerns with moderation, and they are our #1 priority while looking into how to proceed with moderation in the future. The NA contest is being announced next week! I know some people are curious and waiting, and I will tell you that it will line up with Halloween this year. Be patient, check it out. If it's not your thing, let me know what your thing is, so we can do that next time. Also stay tuned. I'm turning 31 next month (nov 28) and I'm planning a day of goofing off & tanks. Thinking drinks at a pub in the Bay Area for anyone that wants to join up with myself and other staffers that you know - come hang out and drink with us. Also thinking of getting a Tanks tattoo - most likely the WoT logo, and will be streaming it. As well as (this bit of exclusive info never shared anywhere else yet:)... i am going to TRY to acquire a T-59 to give away, if i get enough interest. I'm thinking an art contest. LMK if you guys think that's fun, or if you'd rather do a different contest. If you want to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, click on the links! I love making friends. Add me to your tank groups / message boards / streams / etc. https://twitter.com/kihten / https://www.facebook.com/kihten Tanks: KMaus Steam: kihten
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