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  1. Loved the Caernarvon - REALLY STRUGGLING with the Conquerer. Seems so so so fragile. Hull down its great, but the second you get flanked or hit by arty you lose commanders, modules the lot. Went from 60% w.r. on the Caernarvon to 40% on the Conq. Need advice !
  2. Good spot. I've been grinding the Swedish Med/TD lines - as a result I've been playing a lot more T4/5/6 games with the associated lower damage/xp. Although my win rates in the lower tier tanks has been pretty good. I guess because I am playing against more less experienced players where my use of terrain/cover/map knowledge has been helping more.
  3. WOW - some great replies here. Thank you. Lots of good info. I switch between playing for enjoyment and trying to do well, but also trying not to "care" too much, but equally I also want to improve. My stats would imply I'm better than most but still have a massive margin for better decision making and improvement. I do watch several channels with great players and try to learn from their decision making. I'll haver a search of the forums and maybe add some more twitch/youtube subscriptions. Anybody got any favourites to suggest ? Thanks again for the time you've taken to help.
  4. I realise that WN8 includes far more metrics than simply win rate. But a good WN8 would imply I contribute well in that tank. I understand it's strengths and weaknesses. Surely that contribution should reflect in the win rate over hundreds of games? Sure there are some games when I get on shotted by something 2 tiers higher, but there are maybe 5% of games where my actions make the difference.
  5. What is it with some tanks...... I'm grinding the Wedish tanks recently STRV-74 T6 Swedish tank WN8 1821 with a 67% win rate IKV-65 Alt 2 Swedish TD WN8 1785 with a 51% Win rate By way of comparison: E25 win rate 51.3% (should be higher I know) but a WN8 of 2091 I just cannot understand how by all measures my WN8 performance has no correlation to win rate. Surely my E25 win rate should be higher with that WN8 ? All tanks have over 50 games and I never play in platoons. Can someone explain ?
  6. Just found these forums and already seen some good stuff. Look forward to becoming a better player.
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