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  1. Riddle me this.. I'm just starting on the Chi Ri and have played about 6 games when I suddenly thought to myself should I wait until the change in overmatch mechanics that comes with 9.17? Will the Chi Ri not being overmatched by everything give it quite a buff? or am I high. Thanks .... Change cancelled... so ignore me
  2. I'm not sure why you say not valid, surely over an account each tank played has a contribution to overall WN8? so how much does each tank played contribute to that value. Scouts seems to increase WN8 dramatically due to low expected values, but low tier tanks (below 5 anyway) seem to have the opposite effect, seems much easier to get good WN8 in tier 5 + tanks, not sure why though. You probably do?
  3. Do it my way, play every tank in the game a consistent number of times at each tier (except arty cose scum). No OP tank guilt, totally representative stats... Job done. Also learn strengths/weaknesses and tactics in every tank too.
  4. Hi, I'm curious if there's anyway (or if someone has already done this) to tell the WN8 contribution of the individual tanks in a players account. I have friends who are great players but have played thousands of games in light tanks with low expected values like the AMX ELC. If I look at their other tanks their values are not so stellar. Is there some way of knowing the contribution of each tank to their overall WN8? Cheers in advance humans.
  5. Is it just me, or is this the finest tier 8 prem released so far, it seems to have pretty much everything needed for maximum fun combined with awesome credit printing. Will it be released for gold, or will I have to use actual money??
  6. Played my 200 games in this... its pretty terrible but still somehow fun. Like a comet in a gimp suit. Only 2 marks and 1065 avg damage.
  7. Challenger = Challenging and Challenged

  8. I see that this is pretty much dead and no longer being maintained despite it being a pretty cool idea. Why not resurrect it not as a separate site, but as part of the Wotlabs main stats page somehow? for example as part of the tank stats list?
  9. Meh.. converting free XP for gold.. somehow... just can't bring myself.... at least yet..
  10. Yep.. you should play it while its still awesome on a stick.
  11. The E2 is a steaming turd compared to the E8, the E8 is arguably the best tier 6 med (up there with crommy) its mobile, has great gun handling and if your prepared to throw a little gold is competitive against everything it sees. The E2's armor is useful against other 6's... sometimes... otherwise its got nothing.
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