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  1. I totally agree. Averaging almost 100K damage and more than 60% solo wins in the Zao, that's barely blue. Green I think. Feels bad man.
  2. I am grinding it at the moment. Where grinding is the wrong word...it is one of my best ships (WTR and Win% wise), I really enjoy it and will probably even keep it. Very good guns with very good range. Easy to do good damage in. And yes...played with Last Stand for a while but recently reskilled and now play without.
  3. That's hardly a bad nerf (for the Zao) even if it is intended. I stay more than 16km away anyway (only from BBs of course). Because why not...will hit anyway, the guns are god like
  4. Not possible, damage done and taken is calculated server side. No cheat possible. I am astonished to even read something like that here on WotLabs.
  5. If only. On the EU server the amount of CV players increases constantly. In Tiers 4 to 8 you most times have 2 per side. And that is definitely not much fun. I am under the impression that all the WoT Arty players are coming to WoWS and play CVs. Good thing is, that CVs are not as broken as arty, so that's ok. Kind of.
  6. I love my spotter plane on the Warspite. Citadeling broadside Fusos from 19km right after the battle started on small maps is priceless Those Fusos are always first to be spotted and think they are safe I even use the premium plane for less cooldown.
  7. Looks better now, was somehow cut off on the Macbook. The WTR line was missing. On the PC it looks fine. Gonna check again on the Mac. Btw: thank you, really appreciate the signature. edit: now it is completely visible on the Mac too. Strange.
  8. Signature yes Using it already, looks a bit cut off at the bottom? (and needs more purple of course hihi)
  9. Oh noes! I got pushed from the throne. Only #2 now in ARP Hiei. Outrageous :(

  10. Played 4 games then free xp ed it. But that was before the buff. The Königsberg is good, the Nürnberg is ok and fun, the Yorck is great and it gets better from there.
  11. Oh, don't worry I did not take offense that you did not answer. I can imagine you were salty after that death and you had a real shit team too.
  12. Thank you for the answer. You are playing WoWS too, right? We were on opposing teams yesterday, Two Brothers was the map, I think I was in a Blyskawica.
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