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  1. Oh noes! I got pushed from the throne. Only #2 now in ARP Hiei. Outrageous :(

  2. Can't play, I have an urge to tie damselfly nymphs, the season is approaching.

  3. Just noticed I am ranked #1 worldwide in ARP Hiei :)


    Must select 25 battles though :)

  4. Bought a Blyskavicka (or whatever the name is). Gud sheeep-

  5. Rank 24 EU in the Zao. Not bad for a shitter like me.


  6. Izumo is a floating turd.

  7. ARP Hiei is MINE.

    137K average damage in it, with 0% winrate. Óle.

    (Only 1 game of course...)

    1. BiggieD61


      Congrats - perhaps a little pity for us NA types, the weak step child of WoW's .....

    2. PrivateBert


      It is just 2 Kongos anyway. I have 3 ARP Kongos now in different colors....1 would be enough.

      If that makes you feel better :)

  8. I love my yellow Kongo :frenchy:

    1. Siimcy
    2. PrivateBert


      oops, what did I say without wanting to?

      I mean ARP Haruna of course.

      But I *think* I see what you did there :)

  9. XCOM2 first playthrough finished. Will definitely play again.

  10. 59K average damage with the Königsberg...and 50% win rate. Shit teams, they are everywhere.

    1. CarryMode


      59k? That is impressive.


    2. PrivateBert


      @CarryModeYes, but only 14 battles so far...might drop :)

      Myoko was at 69 a week ago, then Tier9 happened...a lot. I am sure I will be "balanced"


  11. ARP Kongo is get, ARP Myoko is get :) Jo.

  12. Ship purchased Shimakaze

  13. Just 1-shot (was almost full) an Amagi in my Amagi. 58K salvo. 4 citadels.

    It was in Ranked mode too and resulted in a win :)

    1. Assassin7


      Nothing will ever beat the time I 1 shot a full HP Nagato on my Kongo. It was glorious

  14. Ok, I am done with Warships too. Should have known better than to play another Wargaming game.

  15. Yes! Rank 8.

    It goes slowly because I only have time for about 5 battles an evening. But it goes forward...65% win rate now for the season.

  16. Statistics after 30 ranked battles and hitting rank 10:



    I just hope it continues like that on Tier 8 :)

    1. PrivateBert


      Well, it does not. I am averaging 100K damage on T8, but nope. Hit a wall, only losses and retards in team.

      Mostly we are down 3 people before I can even fire the first time.

      On the plus side, I am making xp and credits. Amagi levels fast like that.

  17. hmmm I am 2km from the French border, I wonder if they closed that too.

  18. Ahhh finally Battleships are so much fun again. And it is friday. I am happy as a mofo.

  19. Oh wow....Murmansk with 17.8km range is even more imba than without the skill.

    That skill is almost too good to be true.

  20. Considered not playing, with all my ships basically broken...then played anyway. Three -2 MM matches later, I reconsidered.

    No fun at all like that, I can play something else too. Why do I even still bother....

  21. My WoWS winrate went from black to red. Soooo good.

    Now keep up the 80% WR sessions pls.

    1. PrivateBert
    2. hallo1994
    3. PrivateBert


      Thanks, yes I will keep the damage up. Comes very easily to me in BBs.

      I just keep on playing BBs and in some weeks all will be purple :)

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