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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Archaic_One in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    See it from their perspective. They are the majority and would definitely have more fun and success without the occasional unicums farming them. And highter win rate too.
    To a bad player the most frustrating experience is playing against an unicum. Not arty and not anything else.
    And yes of course they have the right to be retarded. Else 95% of the world population would be dead already. And of course they also can tell you to go play something else if you do not like how it is.
    That's even true, you know. Because it will never change. And no one is forced to play.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Khul in Illegal mods now get you sent to the brig   
    I am more impressed that people still play WoT....
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from How_Terrible in Illegal mods now get you sent to the brig   
    I am more impressed that people still play WoT....
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    PrivateBert reacted to Mesrith in Illegal mods now get you sent to the brig   
    Aside from this being in the WoWS forum, I specifically quoted a guy referencing Ships.  There used to be an always-on Spotter Plane view mod back in beta, and assumed that's what he was talking about since that was what he said.
    Sorry for the confusion.  Oh well.  In about 3 weeks there might be enough WoT topics to bump this one off of the scrolling list on the right and we can have our forum back.
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    PrivateBert reacted to WarshipsToday in Warships Today Rating - a WoWS rating, and warships.today   
    No, it not really cut off. We'll think how to improve it. 
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    PrivateBert reacted to BoilerBandsman in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    What dumb fucking cunt decided that weather effects should make everything invisible outside 7 km or whatever?
    I could have taken a shit between opportunities to fire in my Colorado last match.  Sure, knock detection down, but let spotted ships be visible.  Blundering around blind with no opportunity to actually play is retarded.
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    PrivateBert reacted to lt_lolcat in German mediums   
    I had a lot of fun derping tanks with the pz4h. 
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    PrivateBert reacted to Crossfader in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    just get a Tirpitz instead, same thing really
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    PrivateBert reacted to sahtila in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Grinded over Pensascola and some New Orleans games last days, opinions:
    - Decent ship, easy to citadel but also pretty agile. Good enough firepower for its tier. At tier 7 level its still possible to play pretty agressive and not get punished soo hard.
    - Enemies having Pensascola boner is bit of problem, enemy top tier battleships constantly trying to hit this. One game I wrote on chat about how opponent Iowa has spend 5 minutes ineffectively shelling me, and opponent Pensascola told my side Iowa been doing exactly same other way
    - Horribad camo values, always spotted first, then chased by enemy bb's.
    - Excellent gun angles, rear guns can shoot to like 30 degress from front
    - Overall ship is maybe little bit too weak, better camo or smaller citadel could fix lot. But just little bit weak, not bad.
    New Orleans, gotta play more but soo far feels:
    - Feels weaker than Pensascola relative to its opponents. Relative firepower goes down compared to pensascola, slow shell arcs start to really hurt as battle ranges increase. Armor is better than pensascola but enemies are even more better.
    - Rear gun angles are worse than in Pensascola, so often have to use only 6 front guns while pensascola could use 10 in same situation (and stay angled enough). 
    - Radar is pretty nice but it lasts too short time. Can get max two volleys during radar activation, then DD's are hidden again. More useful for finding unknows ship in vicinity than damaging/killing them.
    - Good camo, down to like 10km so can move around unspotted.
    - This ship needs RoF buff imho, guess getting torps or gun velocity buffs are out of question for historic reasons.
    Not having torps is big weakness with both ships, lacks teeth in late game close scenarios. Guns/ships are kind of made for close range fight with their agility, small size and good but slow AP ammo, but then no torps... AA feels bit too short ranged but could be just my skill&module choices.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from StephenHopkins in Warships Today Rating - a WoWS rating, and warships.today   
    I second the average tier request
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    PrivateBert reacted to CraBeatOff in Florb is bad-- but triggers insight from Crab   
    I can. They chopped up all the maps into separate areas which cannot easily be supported by the other areas. Before on Redshire you had 1 fight where anyone in the 700m draw box could fire and it was a slow spotfest to see who could break the camp. Same with swamp and pretty much every other non city map.
    Now we have mutually exclusive lanes. MM picks some tanks, those tanks distribute and the fights play out on a smaller more intense scale. Lanchester's Laws come into play very quickly and very soon any mismatched flank has fallen and is moving to crush a stagnated flank or else chasing the blob on the other side which also rolled hard. 
    In the old days, a good player who knew all the firing lanes could influence both those flanks. Or quickly move to shore up the weak one. But not anymore. Those lanes are mostly gone and generally only useful after a smaller engagement has been won. You can get "exit damage" but nothing that really helps during the fight.
    Of course arty can still shoot everywhere and create immediate influence, but that's generally a random element or targeted directly at the good players and so not helpful at all at controlling game flow.
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    PrivateBert reacted to Khul in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    So... Has anyone on US server noticed the spotting/situational awareness fuck-up (possibly a fuck-up, possibly a sop to the whining BB lobby) that is basically massively anti-DD yet?
    I ask here only 'cos it seems like you guys in the US have some form of communication with WG employees that goes beyond "Sit there, peons! Shut up & give us your money!"
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Khul in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    Yeah, definitely noticed it. I raged hard the last 2 days (ask my wife). I was killed while thinking I am unspotted numerous times. I attributed it to luck of my enemies though. Now I know better.
    But I am on EU.
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    PrivateBert reacted to Crossfader in WoWS General Patch Discussion (currently 0.6.0)   
    next time  they sell it, get it. its really really good and gets so much better with captain skills
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Xen in Question for Non Native English Speakers, or I guess English Speakers that speak other languages fluently   
    I am thinking in English then. When I am reading a book and someone asks me if it is in English, I actually have to take a look, because I don't know
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    PrivateBert reacted to X3N4 in Artillery - The Bigger Picture   
    It starts and ends with map design: If the maps weren't so god awful bad and shitty designed, there would be no need for artillery/TD balancing. Take for instance Overlord

    A 46% guy in a Jagdpanzer E-100 can drive 150m from the base and hide hulldown behind a bunker covered with a bush. From there he can lock down more than half the map and is basically impossible do dig out unless you win the game by landslide or there is artillery in the game. Same goes with the hiding spots near the red line. Just god awful map design intended to reduce the influence skilled players have in a battle by granting terrible players huge positional advantages from the start.
    Why does there have to be incredibly hard to dig out TD hiding spots on every map?
    Why does there always have to be a 3 flank design of some sort with 90% of the fighting being frontal engagements?
    Why does artillery always have super safe hiding places where they aren't in fear of being spotted/killed until the whole team is dead?
    You could make this game so much more dynamic and better with just a single 5 point checklist of things when designing/redesigning every map but it would mean that good players could amplify their skill level and bad players would get absolutely destroyed every game. And that's how it should be because else there is no real incentive for player improvement which is something this game struggles with anyway, no guy should have 46% after 5k or 10k battles.
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    PrivateBert reacted to Snoregasm2 in Artillery - The Bigger Picture   
    Arty doesn't, and hasn't since they made gold ammo purchasable with credits, prevent camping. All it does is force heavily armoured, slow moving tanks into artillery safe spots, from which they will not move until the battle is won or lost, or until they're dug out by other tanks firing gold.
    As someone pointed out above, artillery actually has the opposite effect of punishing players who are proactive, as they are the ones who are spotted. They're not even going to see the camping TD fgts who are outside the spotting range of the tanks they're shooting from their bushwanker camping spots (like the Overlord example @X3N4 showed, a tank would need 445m viewrange and for it to be Stug e-100 to spot it when firing - Object 268 played well could fire people cresting the hill all day without being spotted). So how the fuck does the arty shoot the TD? It can't, so it shoots the aggressive mediums poking ridges and trying to help the team. Because high tier arty is broken as fuck, it's a dice roll for said active player whether he takes 1,500 dmg or not. So the next game that medium player thinks 'fuck this, I'm going to camp in arty safe locations', resulting in more camping.
    Arty literally serves NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER, except to make the red shitter with limited brain function be able to accidentally damage a tank once every two games. It's called pandering to the lowest common denominator, and it results in the shit WOT is today with arty.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Khul in Russian Cruisers   
    The name for the T7 cruiser is so damn funny if you are from Bavaria (like I am).
    It translates to fart.
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    PrivateBert reacted to TouchFluffyTail in Will the Tier 10 torp changes effect NA or EU meta?   
    And accomplish nothing, as usual.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from CaptBellamy in Optimal Crosshair Lead for Moving Targets? Requesting a Reference Point   
    The lead is quite easy actually, elevation is more a problem, because at least in high tiers the enemies will jiggle and dance a lot
    As a general rule of thumb:
    When firing at a BB:
    1. Look at the shell flight time as displayed on the crosshair. Lets assume it says 11 seconds. Now if you put  the 10 marker plus 1  of the crosshair right on front of the bow of the ship you will hit it midships when it is going full speed in a straight line. When shooting at cruisers I add arrounnd 4-5 crosshair markers of lead. For DDs even more, When flight time reads 3, you can go with 10-11 markers. This is just a general rule of thumb. Adjust accordingly for fast BBs, slow cruisers etc. You will have to know that a Colorado is slow and a NC quite fast.
    Not full speed:
    2. Look at the smoke stack of your target. Many times they do not go full speed or even reverse (what is this shit actually with everyone driving backwards nowadays?. Adjust accordingly.
    3. Look at the minimap and the angle your ship has to his. If he is angled away, give a bit less lead and more elveation. The other way around when he is angled towards you.
    That's my aiming process in short. Works quite well.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in Russian Cruisers   
    The name for the T7 cruiser is so damn funny if you are from Bavaria (like I am).
    It translates to fart.
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    PrivateBert reacted to PityFool in Golf   
    Wow... fuck that teacher. How can you exclude a child from something because of a basic mistake. Probably for the best, you wouldn't want a cunt like that teaching you anything.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from OnboardG1 in Russian Cruisers   
    The name for the T7 cruiser is so damn funny if you are from Bavaria (like I am).
    It translates to fart.
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    PrivateBert got a reaction from Jarkorsis in Russian Cruisers   
    The name for the T7 cruiser is so damn funny if you are from Bavaria (like I am).
    It translates to fart.
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    PrivateBert reacted to Medjed in Get Victor Questions   
    I have only one question and i'm 100% serious. When the hell are they gonna do ANYTHING about arty? We've read many times that they have several options on arty rework yet they are not doing anything about it while it keeps crapping on their game day by day.
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