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  1. What is the recommended equipment setup on this? Vents? GLD? rammer?
  2. What to burn free XP on?  Trying to choose between upgrading my stock E50 or 110 (or that crappy tier 7 French Heavy), then which modules to go for first

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    2. RiflemanUSMC
    3. SIRJ4MES


      No doubt. E50 fully upgraded is king

    4. Inciatus


      Also the M4 45 should have very few stock modules left on it if you ground out the ARL44

  3. Okay - that makes sense - but is the stock turret a better option? (like a Sherman Jumbo)
  4. I can't figure why the top turret has less frontal armor and 200mm of armor on the back - what madness is this? Would it not be better to have the stock turret (although a little heavier with less view range) with thicker frontal armor?
  5. Have all female crew in T71 - but just got another female available.  Thinking about retraining for T49 - any thoughts about this?  Thank you

    1. Haswell


      Girls with big guns.

      I'm okay with this.

    2. Visn0r


      Girls inside big guns. Should that not be the other way around?

    3. Medjed


      big guns inside girls is the way i like it

  6. On the Luchs - auto-cannon or the 5 cm L/60 ?

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    2. xRightygamer


      Autocannon. That ~300 burst if you can get every shot to pen is just too good.

    3. TheEmptyLord


      Ask yourself this: What makes the Luchs differ from say the 38 n.A.? The 3cm gun. Use it.

    4. admiralvictor


      There is also an argument that 3cm teaches you how to properly clip in preparation for the autoloader tanks. It's what I run. There is also an argument for the 5cm with APCR. It doesn't have the same pen, but it's consistent fire. This is potentially more useful when circling when you can't clip out someone (I ran into this issue with my VK16.02 recently (Insert sad face)).

  7. I was sad when they changed the T49 to the T67 - now I have both :)  Loving KV-2 light

  8. Anyone know of a guide of the best places to shoot tanks with HE?  Just got the T49 and want to read up before I unlock the derp gun :)

    1. Fabunil


      Aim for weakspots wit a derpgun?

      Just right-click the enemy tank and hope for the best, if you want to penetrate your enemy with HE you have to get either find some papertanks or get behind enemy Meds or American/British/French Heavies and shoot in their asses.


    2. Kramburglar


      aiming with the T49 is more a question of the general direction you are aiming the gun rather than a specific point in that direction.  Safest bet, as mentioned above is asses or paper tanks.  Just try to avoid tracks and/or spaced armour as it will detonate your shell prematurely, and no one like premature detonation

    3. UnusualMedic


      If you get above a tank,  engine deck is your friend.

  9. Whats the best equipment setup for T49?  Vstab, rammer and optics?  Or Vstab, GLD, Optics?   Or Vstab, GLD, vents?  - other?

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    2. Visn0r


      no optics. Anything and everything to tone down the horrendous gun handling. With semi decent crew (BIA and a partial view range skill), vents and food you are hitting 445m anyway. But it is still derpy as fuck, rage sold mine after some seriously fucked up misses. But already thinking or rebuying back due to the funderpastic lel factor.

    3. Epic


      I run gld/vstab/vents with cola... optics and rammer are meh IMO

    4. It's_Matra


      Vents, rammer and Vstab with cola

  10. Buffalo444 - thanks for that tip on the T32 mantlet - does that trick work on T29, T34 and T30 as well? I was shooting over 300 meters I believe - should I try for the hatch at that range? I kind of enjoy the KV-2 like HE round - killed an E100 that had 360 some HP left - tried to pop a TD hull down and got killed - lost the game http://wotreplays.com/site/2062420#abbey-riflemanusmc-t30
  11. Would love to - I've been in serious need of mentoring for a long time - difficult because of my chaotic irregular schedule
  12. I don't see your advice as insulting - not at all. I keep getting that advice "get your gun into the battle" - and when I try it I usually die quickly, even trying to go hull down. Its why I favor heavy tanks, because at least I can bounce a shot or two while getting my gun into battle. The weak hull armor on the T30 makes me more conservative in positioning. I know many of my skill sets need work, so I'm happy to get your type of advice. Sometimes I don't always understand how to apply the advice though
  13. Thank you - much appreciated - I find that when I get in their face I die very quickly - must be doing it wrong but will try that in the future
  14. I started heading to town in Lakeville since T30 can double as heavy, and our team had less heavy tanks than red team - but then saw a big red team rush up the valley with many of ours going to city, so went towards valley - got to valley for suppression fire, as that happened city team died. Moved back to snipe tanks coming out of city - killed one (low HP) then ran down lake road to get the two reds left at base - that was when TD tried to run me into lake - what was wrong with my chain of decisions? Love advice and constructive criticism VK B went up the valley I was dropping HE on a
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