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  1. This map has been in development hell for YEARS. I remember seeing pics of it from eons ago. And it's not even anywhere near finished. WG likes to advertise/leak incomplete features like this even when their barely out of the concept stage. That's because it's a tactic to give their playerbase the illusion that they're actually working on something interesting, something to look forward to so they don't leave the game out of boredom. Every few weeks/months they'll scramble through their "stuff that we've been planning forever but will probably not finish until 5 years from now" list and g
  2. I'm glad you couldn't, and I'm glad that WG is changing the game so you won't be able to in the future.
  3. Testing? Just switch it off. The advantages of removing team damage greatly outweigh the disadvantages.
  4. What the hell is going on? What about these tanks is "weeb"? I don't get it. Edit: Oh, it's from Valkyria Chronicles. Never played that game.
  5. German is the best. She sounds full of fighting spirit. Japanese sounds like GuP's Akiyama Yukari. Maybe it's the same voice actress? Even if it isn't her I like the feel of it.
  6. I agree that the penetration needs to be higher but the worst sin I see here is the completely shit DPM. I think lights should get significantly better tier-for-tier DPM than mediums, to make up for the lack of armor, HP, penetration and alpha, and so that for those times when you actually outsmart an enemy and get to their side or back you can do a significant amount of damage.
  7. The laughing voice sounds like cancer and makes it less funny. Don't tell me when to laugh, just show me something funny and it should work on its own.
  8. The animation is beyond terrible. It's virtually unwatchable, some people have gotten a headache just from the animation alone.
  9. Watch a lot of replays from good players. Take note of the positions they use, and why they are using them, so that you can be able to use those positions when you play. Also ask yourself when those positions would NOT be ideal to use, since everything is situational.
  10. This tank is 99% shit but hey at least it isn't 100% shit!
  11. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Flip Flappers New Game All very much worth watching.
  12. This is so awesome it deserves its own thread.
  13. What the hell happened to the tier 10 Foch with a 120mm autoloader?

    There were buffs and rebalances announced after that one that have already been implemented in live server, yet we're still stuck with a shitty Foch 155.

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      "Balance 2.0" :serb:

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