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  1. Reinstall happening. What has changed? What do I need to be aware of? I think I last played in 2017. (Had a baby so that kind placed a RIP on the gaming life.)

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    2. galleri


      @echo9835 and @Rexxie Appreciate the detailed info! :) 

      @Rexxie Thank you for working on the maps section. I have been going over those that you recently updated. I really would have been in for a world of hurt if I had not looked at these. lol

      @Private_Miros and @hazzgar thank you both also for your comments. I will let you continue your debate. <3 

    3. Private_Miros


      @galleri to be fair, I also responded directly, and my reaction to hazzgar was to show that current concerns about to too fast games and steam rolls are IMO more pink glasses looking at the past that substantial changes the way the games go. Though there certainly has been an alpha and burst damage power creep in tiers 8-10.

    4. galleri


      @Private_Miros I totally meant thank you in a sincere way and know you responded directly. I was enjoying the debate you two had. You really gave a good answer. I appreciate everyone's input on it.

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