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  1. I really miss chatting it up with people on TeamSpeak. heh

    1. KruggWulf


      :rage: woof bite~

    2. galleri


      Hey Krugg! 

    1. Action


      wow.. this is probably the best that happened here in a long time.. currently yistening to this and getting some perspective. thanks man

    2. NightmareMk9


      I'm not a sappy kinda guy, but I HAVE to assume he cherry picked all the happy people...

    3. galleri


      @NightmareMk9 if you listen to all of it, you will find he did not. There was a few that were having crappy days/weeks. I heard one guy talk about how he found his wife of several years was cheating on him. 

  2. How many clans are you all going to make? And heeeeyyyyy
  3. See some of the same names here. Nope I did not reinstall.

    1. Matross


      Still prolly not worth it. It's just ho-um.

    2. galleri


      Don't plan on reinstalling. Wasn't like I was really good anyhow lol

  4. lol it is ok. I am glad that sideswipe got ahold of you. Hopefully I will see you on TS
  5. I was told someone sent you a message.... Also I am mommy, not a father
  6. let me see if it went through. If not, I will let you know. I apologize no one else has helped you. I recently had a baby a few months back so I have been busy with her. Edit I am not seeing it, but that doesn't mean it isn't there as I am not sure if my perms on our website was updated. Soooo I directed another leader here
  7. @xLosTsouLx you can still apply at the minion website that is listed at the beginning of this thread. MIT still uses that site for now.
  8. Spent 63 days in hospital, had baby. Anything different here?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KruggWulf


      :rage: I'm possibly slightly fluffier and woofier, other than that and gasai getting dunked on, not too much. Welcome back tho, friend <3

    3. ZXrage


      63 days, damn :party:

    4. saru_richard


      9.18 is on its way, purple text is ban, and congrats on the baby 

  9. Sorry @JoshMeggie , that I declined your stronk invite tonight. Hanz says he likes keeping me to himself so I have to act like a stuck up bitch to the rest of the world. j/k Next time I pop in and you ask me I won't decline.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/galleri Sorry I didn't say hi when you popped in our platoon channel tonight on TS....I was deep in concentration!
  11. Tried to stream last night so you could look at my hot tanks...but twitch hates me. Sorry humans!
  12. Bad @Shifty_101st And haaaaaiiiiiii Anyhow look at this shiny new thread!! And I am also back too. As soon as my cool down is over All of you have been warned.
  13. Don't forget lifting!!! Congrats on becoming commander!!
  14. Well there goes all of your male population in the clan
  15. I killed a ton of robbers, saved pets and women. Killed youngins and saved old ladies. :/ If they were not abiding the law at the cross walk...gone.
  16. -3.25 on one side and -3.00 on another. Of course that is from my last eye exam from 2014. Cannot currently get an exam to save my life, because they won't do them when a woman is pregnant. :/
  17. For some reason I thought you were pretty quiet....
  18. Join MIT/MM/Baked and you can move on up......
  19. jcaJ1B8.jpg

    1. ADeadMan1


      Nicely done. Coming soon, M--M might farm you and DLM out of M-I-T

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