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  1. Still trying to figure out my new IS.....

  2. And then you wore the bunny ears and stole my heart
  3. I have needed therapy. Not even pills they gave me has helped me stop crying. No I am not, there is still that ugly orange thing in there
  4. Haus....you make me super sad I need therapy again. Someone is messing with my siggy, the color scheme is not matching it's drapes. Time to fire the interior designer!
  5. Hey welcome. And noone is can be bad at this game as I am!
  6. Dear Holidaytank name, I will remind you of this: BOOM!!!!
  7. Correct. My other 15 posts were ghosts
  8. Part of me is turning to Pumpkin....ridiculous!

    1. YesThatWasAPCR


      uhh? See your doctor, or quit spraytanning? ;p

  9. If it makes you feel better .... about two weeks this happened in a 2 day span: First story: guy cries about everyone on team being black. Someone told him that was racist, and I said he should update his XVM so it makes people red. He then says to me "STFU STATPADDER"......clearly confused in life, he had me sitting here looking like this: I proceed to ask him if he knows what a statpadder is and he says "yeah you, the person that is on a second account padding their stats" Day later......using my new KV-13 with stock stuff and a tier 5 gun. Trying to do my best, but not much I can do with that gun until I had enough XP to do anything worth much. I see this in the chat box "someone report the KV-13, it is a bot". I reply: "not a bot, stock KV-13" the guy "my bad, noone report the KV-13 now". LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  10. It is even better when you cannot figure out which one is talking because they sound so much alike. Pretty scary.
  11. My siggy color is changing. Wait...ffs....who the hell let Tanks use that nasty Avatar here also!?
  12. galleri

    Weird dreams

    last night: First dream was that I was going to jail for 3 days. No clue why. But I had to. So I visited the jail before I had to go so I could see it and ask questions. All I remember is being in the fenced yard looking around and I looked at the building and seen all these creepy dudes looking out at me. Apparently that part was the prison. I remember asking the guard questions about commisary and then the guard told me that I could some number and talk to them about not having to show up at all for the 3 days. Woke up. Next dream. Was first oddly walking around a trailer park looking for some place to sleep for 3 hours, because I had to go join the marines the next morning. I am now inside what is my work, but it isn't my work :/ There is a bunch of mazes and tables all over the place and pissed off customers. One lady kept yelling at me that I should remember how they folded up her food 5 times the last time they were there. I kept shaking my head no at her. My dad pulls up, and my sister in law and I are supposed to get in the car with him to go join the marines. I had to sweep some floors so my dad takes off. I decided that I needed to chase them so I start running through these subway tunnels. I keep coming up to locked gates, but I can pry them open. Finally I get to the final area which is more locked gates, but I can hear kids screaming as though they are being tortured. And this is where I wake up. Sometimes I have dreams of stuff that actually comes true somewhere in the world. Which is creepy as fark.
  13. Dirty!! Did I give you permission to leave????????? Send answer soon. Just check yes or no. And don't be breaking my heart
  14. Wait. We respect private lives? What have you all been doing to me then!!!???
  15. This thread is turning into a VPG like forum....getting off topic! Welcome to our new members!
  16. Paladin you sneaky bastard! I keep staring at my friend's list wondering who "How_Terrible" is. lol now I know and oh hai!!! <3 your old friend galleri
  17. systems- you don't have coddle the thread and keep me a secret. VPG has been helping my tomato ass improve greatly. I didn't know what the hell stats were until like 3 months ago. But yeah we are a great group, great family atmosphere, willing to help anyone out that wants to improve Haus - awesome post!!! To anyone else looking to apply you can contact me also.... VPG-S oddly made this girl a recruiter too.
  18. If you have xvm installed you go to www.modxvm.com and get you an account set up. Activate it and viola! Then you can check WN8 of each game you play and your combined for the day/night. If you want to If you don't have xvm installed, get it downloaded. And welcome!
  19. Wolfcastles!! I miss you!! It is good seeing you. Oh crap Quantum found me here Thank you everyone else that has said hello so far.
  20. Hey! Well I am finally posting and saying hello. Because that is obviously the first step (and admitting we have a problem here Houston). A bit about me and WoT. First off I am a tomato. Plain and simple. But I am looking to get better and I have utilized the players in my clan for help. I think what sets me apart is the fact I go and ask for help rather than sit there waiting and hoping someone will come along. I have gone out and read a lot guides, watched videos, watched twitch etc.... anyhow I joined VPG in January 2013. I was playing alone alot before and a bit with my husband and his friend. Took some time off and recently came back after being poked by a clan leader to get active or get dropped. Came back, and they realized "galleri is a tomato, we need to fix her ASAP", before that day, I had no clue about stats at all! Now I have had the pleasure of platooning up and doing training with some great and some of the finest VPG players there are. If they are on this forum, they know who they are So anyhow hello to all!! And if you ever see me in a battle please say hi or shoot don't be shy you can come hang out with me and platoon up. I don't really bite.
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