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  1. Odd question...

    Anyone here a farmer or a master gardener? 

    1. galleri
    2. Matross


      My pops grew up on a farm, and he retired... on  a farm... I grew up digging holes and plowing fields... maybe I can help?

    3. galleri


      @Matross I ended up with my answer :) Thank you though 

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  2. Had an hour training session last night with the one and only The Millard...came out of it an hour later feeling like I went to the spa that had a combo massage/meditation session. I can now dominate in the most relaxing way ever.
    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Pineapple literally tries to eat you when you are eating it. Pineapple is fucking metal 

  3. Some nights we have playtime..... MIT did bridge jumping on Westfall this evening after training
  4. MIT westfall bridge jumping ftw


    1. galleri
    2. Cronk


      Need to turn it into a turkey shoot though, mid air 1 shots make for funny gifs.

    3. MrWickwire


      If all your friends jump off a bridge ...... :)

  5. You bring that so I can hide behind you. kek
  6. Is this a good thing or a bad thing. And would you like to platoon with me sometime? Check yes or no. Yes No LOL
  7. And then you get into a match with me........ LOL
  8. Stttaaaaaahhhhppppp. Stop the shit posts now!

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      bitch I do what I want

  9. MIT needs another female!! I am lonely!
  10. #982 Ended up with 7d prem and 500 gold.
  11. I am not spying for @Archaic_One. Unless he sends me goodies from his cruise trip. And I have yet to figure out who his children are?
  12. I wasn't saying that I played bad from being female. I was saying I lack impatience from being female I know there is some great female players in this game. @nemlengyel and @MissNurkie. Yeah then again it could be personality. lol
  13. Where do I apply for MIT? Edit: NVM found link. Thanks
  14. I am like hacksaw I just know I make randomly dumb mistakes....patience is bad virtue for me. Probably from being a female. Sigh.
  15. Not sure how it is a copycat clan, they never disbanded.
  16. How to play Pilsen.......

    1. GTD


      Some stuff that was useful to me: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/23339-new-913-map-pilsen/

      In fast tanks I go east to take snapshots, in slower ones or if there is too much arty I try to "flank-snipe" some tanks in the middle hall. Newer went west yet.

  17. Please explain to me how this works.......meth and crackheads go through entire pregnancys fine. Cannot even provide for a child. I go through my pregnancy with some health issues, no drugs, eat great etc.....can provide for baby. Tomorrow we go deliver our 20 week old baby that passed away. I hate the world.

    1. galleri


      @edger2020 - no I have had a late pregnancy loss. 

      @PrivateBert - I am so sorry to hear about this. And yeah the husband and I are done also. This was loss number 6 in a row, but was never this far along before.

      @GTD - Thank you.

    2. PrivateBert


      Oh shit. 6 in a row.

      I am really sorry for you.

    3. edger2020


      Sorry to hear that. :(

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  18. He is still painting 24 hours laaaattttteeeeerrrrrr WHY!!! http://www.twitch.tv/bobross

    1. Quantumkiwi


      I know you like Ross, but you don't have to watch the whole thing. Just relax and let it come from your heart, don't stress.

    2. NightFury999
  19. Day 2....gashtag's link...I am stuck memorized. 

  20. If I kill a WGATX employee....do I get gold like the pro players give out on their wga accounts when you kill them? Guy went offline after so he hasn't answered my questioned.

    1. Shade421


      WG employees are almost universally terrible at the game. No reward for killing them.

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      On the off chance I play arty I like to focus them down to remind them what a good game mechanic it is.

    3. zapyoug


      It gives you a heart of gold instead

      Slaughter the reds!

      no really, they have like 200wn8 I dont fucking even

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  21. Not enough KV-5 statuses........

  22. The heartburn struggle is real right now. RIP my chest

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