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  1. Happy april 1. One can only dream.
  2. Playing 8's and 9's is bullshit. If your 10's were not locked, play your 10's. How the hell are you going to get any better?
  3. Yes, i'm sure that warm feeling of "progress" will be flowing through him as he grinds through the M3lee stock.
  4. Well, if you need a "look at me, I don't like the game" thread you can do that all day on the official forums. Hell, you'll probably have 15 other people in there crying with you and complaining about anything and everything. Not to mention rerolling has to be one of the dumbest ways to inject fun into the game. This smelled like a drama thread from the start and then the OP's "K bye have a nice life" nonsense just confirmed it. I'm not above understanding the game needs to be fun for you. I've taken breaks, switched lines, stopped grinds etc... That being said, making a tearful
  5. Ok, here's the key to having fun in RoS (for me at least). Adventure mode. Do it, now. You have to beat malthiel first (if you're having trouble with that just have someone run you through or lower the difficulty.) Then you can run adventure mode, get shards, tons of drops for enchanting, and get tokens for open rifts. The rifts are pretty great the few I ran through.
  6. I was running torment 4 with ease before the expansion. In act 5, I now have trouble with torment 1. One of the cool things is the new mystic you can use in town. It's like a jewler or a blacksmith, but you can use some crafting mats and replace one attribute on a weapon or piece of armor. For example, I got a wicked wand for my wiz (nice dps, attack speed, max arcane power) but it rolled vitality instead of int. I had to do it twice, but replaced the vit with int. Saweet!
  7. I played some expansion last night. It's pretty cool. I found an blue upgrade to the legendary sword i had been carrying around for a few weeks within 15 mins of playing the start of act 5.
  8. It's a grind for gear game. If that's not your thing, that's not your thing. I did have fun leveling every class up to 60 (minus the WD) that kept me interested for quite some time.
  9. For sure. I pick up everything now whites,blues. When i get full, I just port to town and salvage everything and pile up the crafting mats.
  10. That's part of the new loot 2.0 system. Where in the past, you could get bullshit rolls on equipment (as a barbarian, you would get a nice sword drop and it would have intellect instead of strength on it). Now the main stat will roll what you need (int for wiz/wd, strength for barb, dex for DH/monk). Also, legendaries will actually drop for roughly every hour of gameplay. When the expansion comes out though, every piece of gear you have will instantly become dogshit.
  11. With the xp bonus, you should get people to run you in the Cavern of the ancients, over and over. It has the best monster density in the game and there is a video of a guy going from 1-40 in about 15 mins. If anyone wants to group, im cupasoup#1763.
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