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  1. Part of the reward for having great overall stats is the fact that you OVERCAME your learning period stats. No one just picked up a T1 and started rolling scrubs, we all had games in the beginning where we were useless, clueless turds taking up space. In overall, non-reroll stats there are terrible grinds, losing streaks, learning curves overcome, plateau's broken, etc... They are pure. Rerolls are fake.
  2. Why the fuck would interest in anime make a good platoon mate? What is wrong with you kids these days?
  3. Great topic, and so true. Too often games are now sitting and waiting for the other guy to make a mistake. A lot of poor players have failed their way to the top now, and many are unwilling to receive the punishment for making bad decisions. Imagine how rough a 47%er had it grinding up to a tier 10. How many times has he been obliterated by good players getting that tier 10? I have to say that even though this new meta is shitty, I still prefer it to the 5 arty per side camp fests.
  4. I'll toss the occasional fail toon a TK now and again.
  5. cupAsoup

    That IS8 grind!

    I hated at first, but it grew on me. The gun really is excellent, not a lot of need to use heat, and the speed allows you to get to spots most heavies just can't. Armor is wholly unreliable for sure. Not a bad grind. This tank missed the russian bias train.
  6. Great. Now stop being a dbag clicker.
  7. Certainly not far enough on the nerf bat. Of course this is anecdotal, but I rarely see good players driving them. Usually it's the orange or yellow bads who need this.... thing to be competitive. Similar to arty.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. OP, nice progress. Keep it up.
  9. Hmmm, maybe I need to go back to my T34 and try again. It has been mostly collecting dust for a while in my garage. The inability to carry/flex, weakness on mostly flat maps, and frequent tier 10 sightings made me put this away in favor of the is-6. Sure, I make less credits but also less stress not seeing tier 10 death cannons. With so many good players in this thread singing the praises of the T34, i'm going to give her a try again.
  10. Hahahah this is fuckin awesome. I'll tuck this one away if anyone from purpl/spicy/badgr ever trolls me.
  11. I never said it was. However, the times I have joined it baddies are in there spamming nonsense it makes it hard to filter out the noise. Ex." t62 or obj 140 guise... cuz im not sure. " I expect a higher standard from Wotlabs endeavors. It is less about being a baddie than acting like one.
  12. Telling their commander will likely have zero effect. Most top clans will always take the side of their players, especially when dealing with (take minimal offense) pubbies who F up. In the end, it was your fault for bad awareness that caused the issue. I recently had an ALLOY guy ( I think his name was angelreaper?, some dbag clicker...) message my CO because I called arty players some bad names on the official forums. He took it personally and sent a PM to my CO demanding that I be "reprimanded" in some fashion. Grow some tough skin and next time watch where you are driving. T
  13. What you just did was not clan wars. That was organized tank masturabtion.
  14. The top engine makes a huge difference. It's certainly not a corvette even with the top engine, but the stock engine is just a subtle troll by WG.
  15. This is not an effective way to evaluate tanks, FYI. There is no doubt that the TD's need some balancing, I just hope WG doesn't take things too far.
  16. Nice write up. Playing the SU-152 was one of the most entertaining stretches of gameplay I have had on this game. Heat + derp had me giggling like a schoolboy. Great times, why did I sell it?
  17. Zero damage batchat is not acceptable. That guy should be demoted to a 12t.
  18. Let's all hope for asian guys' sake that asian girls like small dong's.
  19. The only thing I can possible glean from tier 1-4 is map familiarity. Even then, the view range and accuracy of the higher tiers makes those lessons negligible. That being said, you can still work on things like spotting mechanics, staying hidden, and shooting from outside of view range whilst inside draw range.
  20. Looks like another shitty map with choke points and 2/3 of the map is useless.
  21. I wonder how many baddies will flood it like the WotLabs chat channel. Either way, thanks NW for making this happen.
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