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  1. No JT88 on the NA spreadsheet - I got my 3rd MOE after the data was collected, but I don't even see a row for it
  2. Since my JT88 has never bounced a shell from its lower plate at less than autobounce angles anyway, and if you're not hiding it you're dead anyway, I don't mind the nerf - and now it can actually get to the battle before it's half over! (Also: Downhill ramming engage :D)
  3. Does the Jack of All Trades skill buff the Defensive AA cooldown? It's unlimited use, so it isn't really consumed, but it's in that category to stock the ship. I'm guessing it does, but want to make sure before putting points in. (Making plans for the last skills on my Cleveland captain)
  4. I can't call myself a spectacular BB driver, but here goes. 1. Yes, Citadels are kinda luck at range. I just aim to hit at ranges over 10-12km, because none of the shells go exactly where you aim anyway. Under 10km, you should be able to reliably get citadels (not every salvo, but reliably) if the target drives in a straight line, and sometimes even if they maneuver. Under 5-6km never really happens in a BB against a BB or CA, but if it does you should be able to hit almost all your shots and get about one citadel every volley, one would hope. And yes, at (or just above) the waterline in the c
  5. I have a Base Defense : Base Capture ratio of 21.8 : 1, which is interesting, and a KDR of almost 16 in the last 7 games I've played (3 of which were losses, too). I like statistics.
  6. I killed as many ships as the rest of my team combined. Clearly, I didn't carry hard enough.
  7. Is blue at last :D

  8. So, 12 straight t10 games in the E 75 (6 today, 6 yesterday). Is that normal for t9s, or just horribly unlucky?

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    2. no_name_cro


      Unlucky, not that E75 gives a fuck what tier is he in.

    3. Fenxis


      Just run HT-6(3) or any mission where you have to kill a higher tier tank it will seem like every game you are top tier #toilfoilhatconspiracies.

    4. Praenomen_


      Unfortunately I still have the Tiger 2 gun (45k xp more :P) and just finished the last HT mission with honors for the Stug IV. Whatever, E 75 rocks anyway, I'll just sling more gold than normal.

  9. WoWS = Awesome.

    1. Gandaran


      give it a day.

    2. Banish


      I'm sorry to say it becomes boring pretty quickly.

    3. YesThatWasAPCR
  10. I've had multiple crew killed in one medium to high caliber AP shot many, many times. It's just that they don't die every time their hitbox is hit (for example, not every commanders hatch pen is a dead commander), so though many turret shots will hit 2, they rarely knock out more than one.
  11. *Gasps* Purple Recent Win Rate! First bit of purple my sig has seen :D

  12. 4000+ average WN8 today over 7 games, my highest daily average ever. Go 3 for 7. *sigh*

    1. koel76


      Kewei's 7k says hi.

    2. Praenomen_


      The point wasn't "oh look at me, I'm special". It was more of a facepalm sort of a post.

  13. Recent WN8 has cracked 2100 :D

    1. OneTrueLeader


      nice, now get 2450

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