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  1. Now it seems obvious, but I didn't realize how important it is to use terrain to stay covered in that passage. Thanks.
  2. What was my mistake? How could I have at least gotten 2 shots worth of damage? I did lose maybe a minute (probably less) by confusing directions and going the wrong way first, but I doubt that was the main error. http://wotreplays.com/site/2715030#redshire-luckystarr-kv-3
  3. Note that we were initially talking about heavy tanks, not mediums. Personally, I don't play mediums at all, so any medium-specific advice is useless to me. I can't say it's that bad. Definitely not my most hated map, that'd be Malinovka and Sand River. And these clowns from WG remove Hidden Village, the best map in the game, instead...
  4. Ha! I know I'm almost always there when I'm playing Jackson And it usually pays out, too.
  5. Thanks. I didn't realize those weren't mid MTs that were spotting me. I considered going 1 line but didn't like the prospect of stumbling across TDs or higher tier heavies there. But in retrospective, I should have taken my chances. The person who made me from orange into a green player taught me to always go hill on Prok.
  6. I considered that, and I would usually roll over the hill in the situation, but this time there certainly was unknown number of tanks on the other side, and arty would definitely keep hitting me. All I would accomplish that way would be suiscouting. And what good is scouting when no could fire there anyway. If not hill, then where would I go in a slow heavy? 1 line? I didn't feel like playing armor angling games with tier 10 heavies and TDs, I've already learned my armor is very unreliable.
  7. I wonder what I should have done differently in this battle to be more useful.Our hill party was completely pinned down by 2 mediums spotting from mid and by arty raining down on us. http://wotreplays.com/site/2115407?secret=2910602c1a6d9a7fee9ab98333a57c47 Thanks in advance. I struggle a lot in this tank, and I always struggle on Prokhorovka in a heavy, but this battle was a whole new level of suffering.
  8. Terrific, thank you guys! Looking forward to playing with you.
  9. I enjoy playing Churchill III, KV-220 and T14 a lot and consider them to be the best carry tanks I know in this game. But some battles you just can't carry alone. So I'd love to play in a platoon instead of solo. If you like these tanks (or other pref. MM tier 5) at least half as much as I do, we'd probably make a good team. My stats with these tanks are not great, but they're way better than my overall stats.
  10. I don't think that works for heavies and TDs as well as for light and medium tanks. Should work for Jackson, though, since I'm not camping bushes any more.
  11. Today I felt focused enough to play Jackson for the first time since I started this thread. I went ahead and played aggressively as you told me, and the very first battle was Ace! I was probably too bold, and I definitely only got Ace because the enemies were blind (as it is with most Ace battles), but it was fun. A good start
  12. I'm starting to understand what you mean. No camping elevated ridges on Arctic Region then? No tracks camping on Prokhorovka? No camping D9 hill on Airfield?
  13. Same. That's probably why I loved Wolverine and then Jackson, but couldn't play Hellcat. I've been told to use camo net and binoculars by an unicum who taught me to snipe in Wolverine (I was playing it like a medium tank before I met the guy and seen the light). But now that I think about it, binoculars rarely help. Not because I don't sit still, but because even with them I almost never spot for myself. My tactics mid and late game is to move up, halt for 3 seconds for binoculars to activate, if no targets were found move up some more. But even that doesn't work too often. With that in mind,
  14. Yes, I realize they honestly wanted to help. As I said, arguing was a mistake. But at least it gave me a great insight into the Wotlabs community so the experience was not entirely worthless.
  15. Absolutely! Rammer, camo net and binoculars. Jackson can't mount vents. And I'm not shy to shoot gold, esp. when bottom tier. As for the crew, it has 2 skills + 67% into 3rd. Not exclusively, but mostly solo. On the Hellcat vs. Jackson discussion: there's definitely something about Jackson that gives it a huge advantage. Possibly better gun handling / DPM and some armor. Yes, Jackson's practical top speed on a flat surface is ~40 kph and it prevents me from flexing in many situations. But still: I started playing Hellcat very recently when I already had 58% or so Jackson WR and knew all the s
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