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  1. after playing both on test a bit, it seems the 140 turret is not made of the usual russian trollbouncium alloy and even against all the gold flying around on test the 62-a seems to bounce more. as i am coming up to unlocking one of them soon i'm leaning towards the 62-a heavily(i will probably get both anyway)
  2. Just saw this on the calendar so it looks like lights will be next(and mediums last ) http://worldoftanks.asia/en/content/docs/events/ this one will involve the lowest tiers so the professional clubbers will be out in force once the announcement goes out. I think I'll buy back my T71, anyone else going to rebuy a specific tank to try for some free gold?
  3. for the short time I played it on NA before rerolling, i had a ball in the is-2. It is almost identical to its russian counterpart except it has the utility of 300pen heat rounds which really do come in handy sometimes. also its stock gun doesnt really suck that much either iirc. I doubt that much has changed for the worse as the only real downside was the accuracy, the IS is still a really fun tank to play in my opinion, still a strong brawler.
  4. sorry, as someone that just did the 69 grind a few days ago to buy the t54 before discount ended, purely spamming heat, i have to disagree with you. HEAT really isnt as bad as people say. its a bit bouncy but when its all you use in a tank you get used to it locate armor plate without too much angle. aim at plate. fire heat round x4. hide/clip.
  5. http://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/49/15th-ann-gs-aug/ wouldn't call that much of a discount lol
  6. hahahahaha +1 i can feel my game improving around the 0:45 mark
  7. This entire team. Ended as you might expect. tier 9-10 games where the only players above orange wn/wr are mine and another single platoon on each team are horribly common on sea. seriously i would consider that screenshot an above average sea team
  8. Absolutely loved this tank. i used optics vert vent because i didnt have a spare gld and it aims pretty damn quickly anyway. didnt even have a single full crew skill when i grinded to t69 haha crew were 6th camo camo though. http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/2000613678.84983196410570604 and put [img.]sig link[/img.] around it without the .'s
  9. I used fireguard's mod pack and modified it heavily, with pogs contour icons, meltys sights and a few others. I customized a lot of the files myself too. may upload if anyone is interested. the xvm config is based off roughneck-horz the light bulbs indicate if an enemy has not been spotted yet(grey[blue for spgs]), is spotted(green) or has been and is no longer(orange). also there are two little icons above each tank, the leftmost one is coloured to the WN6 rating and the rightmost one is vehicle win rate which are both easily changed or added to. I dont show tank max hp, I don
  10. fisherman's bay is another example of a map which does this well. actually its one of my favourite maps now i think about it. we need more maps like these and less like abbey.
  11. I'm usually platooning too, hit me up whenever I'm on. I'm always happy to play with other above average players to learn from. Currently grinding t-44 and t-71 so t8/t9 platoons are perfect. I mostly prefer to be on TS in platoons.
  12. dynamic view range seems to present the biggest issue when I see pubs in this situation. most of them dont even realise why they cant see the lit enemies at c line from the back of k line on prokhorovka
  13. I too keep checking this thread for T-43 vids. Watching your replays has improved my russian medium play considerably and as I'm on the T-43 right now I would love to see it in action. On a related note did play the 34-85 or 43 since the removal of the D10-t? I find myself using a lot of premium shells to avoid the 144 pen ap bouncing.
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