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  1. You can stop being a little twat and ban me, since you've been itching for a few months now. Moving on from your little ego drama What i was bringing up to people's attention is based entirely on the info provided in this thread, those are not my theories; they are yours, im just saying why they are not good. I didn't comment on it before as I wanted to see if people were really serious about the direction they want to take wn8 in. Currently that seems to be the matured idea of adjusting it for each tank within tier based on an arbitrary criteria of values. You want to negatively a
  2. Yep. Also north gets no cover around lighthouse at all... I am just trying to figure out where I should be going.. I don't want to waste a bunch of games by trial and error..
  3. I really I don't care what you do, it affects me none. My assessment remains. I have nothing else to say to you other than im right and when it goes live you will see it. Troll-Bait Flaming Repeated Tinfoil Hattery Posts If you're going to be a cancer to this community, you will be cut out. Indefinite RO ~Kitti
  4. I never go middle island. The map is deceptively open: you will get sniped so keep that in mind. It is a good map for accurate guns. That's why going island is stupid, you get bogged there and cant move without casualties since you will not be despotted while there. Its like valley on Lakeville. You only need to deny middle, not cluster and render your tank out of the game north: a 9/0 c 2 I think it was.. good shots on island but I could be wrong. somewhere there push down the entire 1 line south: e 9 g 0 push up 0 line
  5. What do on that atrocity? The hills remind me of westfield, only they are 10x as useless/no win zone/massive casualties center of map is a crossfire death field, totally no go in high tiers due to vision/range of guns the bridge/lighthouse is a fully lit firing range/slaughter fest That leaves what? Camp spawn?
  6. People are looking at it from the wrong angle. The reason the is6 is such a good carry tank is because although it has mediocre gun, running full gold will yield good results while breaking even/making a profit even on a loss. The reason the 112 is a bad tank is because it has the same shitty ass standard ammo as the is6, but its prem rounds are prohibitively expensive, ensuring a constant credit bleed, even if they are marginally stronger. If we are to ignore the credits, and look at it as a stats farmer alone, it fails there too since the terribad aim time, reload time and accuracy e
  7. unoffical forum mascot and neg rep collector of the unofficial wot forums

  8. I don't read his posts but between the 2 forums I've gathered enough to say that I agree with what he is meaning to say (this time) I see it often in games where people will say "I need x exp to next gun tank hamburger so I don't care". Awarding failure will breed more of it. Spawn campers farming damage/kills on a certain loss come to mind. I loathe the idea of the game rewarding them just because they did the "most" on their tard team. Case in point the current missions.. people going in mid tiers for the kills just so they can complete the missions. Gameplay is fail, they get kills
  9. I read a bit of this thread and my head is spinning at the absurdity I saw typed; here are my 2 cents.. if you want to devalue WN as a rating platform, do go ahead and start screwing with it based on the tanks people play. We laughed at how irrelevant WG's rating is, yet here we you are going down the same path. It is beyond arrogant to try to dictate what tanks people play in order to get ratings.. for one it will backfire, and for second, it will further devalue platoons, which are already seen as stat padding means on their own, regardless of tanks. The power of WN comes from peopl
  10. I let my prem on eu expire (most went to waste) and wont renew it unless I can get some peeps on. I will never again lament NA random games.. what I witnessed on EU made me cry.. I'll renew my prem and play if I can get SOLID players. It's no joke there... there is no room to mess around or teach people. The stupid is beyond what I can put up solo or with 2 people. Need 3 man platoons to pad carry with. Drop me a pm here is best. I have flexible hours, lets work something out.
  11. T34 makes me sell it and hug it daily. I still have it, 500 games later, but hardly play it. I can put up with everything but the speed. For all the weight it has, it has no armor. Makes no sense. Anyway.... hate it or love it. There is no one or the other, it combines both, which is why people end up keeping it as it would appear. FCM... argh.. nice tank to tank your stats with.
  12. What are you talking about and what are you negging it for? I just told you my data. My source is me. You are free to run your own so we can compare note, because im sure you have access to all the inner workings of the game yourself to do it otherwise. Instead you opt to post stupid shit just for the sake of trolling. This place is getting overrun with forumers it seems. No wonder even garbad wont come here no more. Im done, enjoy the official forums 2.0. Now with more stupid.
  13. Is this for people from EU coming over or people from NA going over? I would not ask such a stupid question and check it out, but im raging too much to login right now
  14. Probably because of the hours I play.. As I mentioned I play when theres 3k people on and by the time the 60k come, I need to logoff... I shall certainly try more time slots.
  15. I had it on for a bit, then I met redshire. Turned it off again. Then did a platoon and they had it on. Got redshire again, against fulcrum on the other side. all 3 of them. Miracle, we actually won. But now I wont platoon unless they have that shit turned off too. There is no excuse to play redshire encounter. It is sad because I like encounter on most maps.
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