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  1. I played GWPanther before it got nerfed. It's nerfed and the accurarcy is no where as good as it used to be. The GWPanther I think has around a 30 second reload. The splash isn't terrific nor is its penetration from what I remember. The angle from which the shell travels its target is not from directly above but instead a downward arc, and for GWpanther, It think it hugs a bit closer to the ground than other arties--much like my obj 261. My advice is to install a reticle mod that calculates for you your shell travel time. This gives you a reference for how much lead to give your target. Like previous replies mentioned, arty is very RNG dependent, but there are things you can do to maximize your likelihood of hitting your target. Getting that reticle mod is a good start. Until you become very familiar with your arty piece and become a pro clicker like me, I think that such reticle mod is a indispensable. Another thing that I do to increase my hit ratio is to pretend I'm the driver of whatever target I'm trying to hit. Try to predict and think what WOULD he do. For example, if I were playing in a heavy tank at that position as of that moment, would I move or retreat? Would I poke out and try to get a shot off? Until you get comfortable with leading shots and shooting targets in motion, I suggest you only take the "safe" shots. Arty reload is very long. If you take a bad shot and it misses, there's a good chance you will miss many of the "safe" shots had you waited because of the long reload. I'll tell you what I think to be the best moment to take a shot. It is when a tanker has decided to take a shot. To take a good shot, they have to STOP. For that brief moment they are both stationary AND exposed to your friends. If the enemy has a line of sight on your teammates, your teammates also have a line of sight on them. So when you see a tank that's decided to take a shot, you can predict as to where he is going to come out of cover/move up, aim and take fire judging from where his turret is pointed towards (his intended target) and his current position. You fire BEFORE he gets to his spot and fires his shell. The average aim time is 2 seconds for many guns. (People don't aim that long sometimes, but if you factoring the short vehicle travel time, it's about that long.) The average shell travel time for many arty shells is just below 2 seconds (under 900m range). This means if you do it right, your target moves up. Stops. and IMMEDIATELY your shell hammers him and he takes hundreds of damage and/or gets tracked. The fact that he's tracked makes him susceptible to take even more damage from your temmates. He can choose to immediately use a repair kit, but that means he's weaker for the rest of the battle. I've done this consistently in my obj 261 to great success. There are times when people takes 600 damage from me but also around 1000 damage from from my teammates at beginning of the game. At tier 10 games, it means a vehicle is instantly KO'ed. You can do it too!! I hope this is enough to get you started. Play more arty and you'll get a real hang of clicking people. Play music in the background and eat some snacks while you are at it too.
  2. i love object 261

    1. Sylvansight


      Is very annoying to play this arty.  Not enough time on the reload to check facebook between shots :/

  3. You guys are being so dramatic. 25% of all of my games is in artillery. My most played tank is 261 (over 2k games). It's hilarious and relaxing to play. Just enjoy the ride while trying to finish your arty missions. It's just a game! Leave your morals behind and just have fun
  4. if you grind past tier 6 or even 7, you are a masochist!
  5. on these maps, it all depends on your team's light tanks and artillery. I think we shouldn't remove these 2 maps because they offer a very different play style than other maps. It's one of the few maps where spotting and camo mechanics dominate the gameplay. Personally, I love this map because I play 261 and my light tanks a lot. The team with the best scout/arty wins, and usually it's the team that I'm on
  6. I have played over 2000 games in my glorious object 261. I think the current arty balance is pretty good. I don't miss targets within 800m range. My hit ratio (direct hit) is 50%. I snipe medium tanks on the move from long range. It's very balanced. In many games, only artillery prevents bad teams from being rolled over by stat-padding unicorns playing tier 10 medium tanks. I don't see a problem here. I guess WG can limit the arty count per team down to 2...That'll be helpful...(so I can hog all the damage )
  7. Personally, I wouldn't recommend anybody to play the T95. Generally, all the slow TDs are very dependent on teammates; in random battles, you can't really depend on teammates. I play the JPE100, which I think is similar in play style with T95, and it's pretty bad. If you are relatively new to the game, you would enjoy your time much more in medium or even a heavy tank. T95 can be hilarious, but it's so inflexible that even unicums dread playing it.
  8. Did they make the dimensions of the m48 smaller in the HD remake? It seems like a smaller tank...
  9. I just fully researched m46 today. The tank's crazy good when fully upgraded, but you have to find a different mindset when playing it versus in a centurion7/1 or E50. Generally if you are pushing into multiple enemy tanks, you are doing it wrong. The best tip I can think of is don't be stubborn; it's okay to run like a coward and change the angle of engagement. BTW. My fully upgraded patton's reload speed is 8.02 seconds without vents or BIA. How fast can you get the reload to if you have BIA and vents?
  10. Today marks a great day in my life. My reputation is now positive! It's exactly 1 point above 0. Thanks guys. I'm crying
  11. Currently, my reputation is sitting at -9. At one point, I was almost -60. So, I consider -9 quite an accomplishment already. Thanks guys. Couldn't have done it without you :3
  12. On each map, there are positions that are so good that people rush them. If you are too careful with artillery, you'll get there too late, and my team will have the advantage anyways. It's what I call "indirect damage".
  13. Nowadays, the only artillery I play is 261. CGQ is such a different beast. I don't have that artillery, so take my advice with a grain of salt. From what I learned when play 212 before the arty nerf, is that those hard-hitting slow reloading artillery shouldn't really try to shoot moving targets. Go for the sureshots. Pre-aiming at critical positions is crucial because good players don't expose themselves too often. But to do this, you need to be able to predict how the game might proceed judging from both teams' team composition. I high recommend installing XVM and shoot the best players in the highest tier tanks. What happens usually in Public games is that on each side there's only 1 to 3 people leading the push. So, generally if you nail those people doing the main push, the enemy side slows down, giving you the time to reload and your team to stabilize. Personally, most of my losses in arty was due to teammates dying too fast to the enemy. I've had games in artillery where my teammates were bad, but because they died slowly, I was able to dish out enough damage to win the game. So in a CGQ, I guess you need to hit the tanks doing most of the pushing. Once they've slowed down, there's very good chance you will win that game. I think the best I can do is play 261 with commentary and record that footage...Unfortunately, I don't have too much time right now...Maybe I'll look into it during my reading break, which is around mid February. If that can't happen, I'll look into it after April when university finishes.
  14. only when trying to deny someone a medal! e.g. top gun, radley walters, brothers in arms, crucial contribution. Jokes of course (sometimes i actually do it)
  15. watch the corners and tight places! I haven't died to a rushing scout or injured medium tank in ages...
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