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  1. Well, that certainly explains why my marks were going up so easily in the amx 30. I thought something seemed off.
  2. I want one just so that I can put digi on it and stare at it every once in a while. It looks so beautiful...
  3. My "Bad days" are generally when I am either really tilted or I notice that I am not paying enough attention to the game. In both cases, it is generally fairly easy to notice, and I have developed enough discipline to stop playing immediately if I notice either of them. As for burnout, that depends on the player. Some people play extended sessions, and some play very little; I generally only play around 5 games per day, maybe 20 or so if my play is perfect at the time. Over time during a session, you do start making more mistakes and playing more absent-mindedly, especially in platoons. H
  4. Sounds to me like you are burned out. I experienced something similar after the third campaign (though my emotions were more frustration than anything else) that caused me to go on hiatus for 6 months. I got Steam and found other games to play (Warframe and CS;GO, primarily), and when I returned I found I was enjoying the game again. I would recommend you do the same thing. Take a break, don't force yourself to play. Find something else that you want to play instead. If you decide to return to tanks later, then you will return with a renewed enjoyment of the game and a refreshed ambition to im
  5. Oh god, it learned to write :eww:


    1. saru_richard


      what the hell did i just read?

    2. Nope


      Just fucking kill it before it reproduces.

  6. Run up, dump clip, run away. Rinse, repeat. Think of it as a RU med, but tall and with a 4 round autoloader.
  7. First off, I don't like taking this position in an E5. Since it has such good turret armor and reasonable mobility, I generally take it mid. From there, I can hit town, some targets on the 1/2 line, and bully mediums who are also trying to play mid. Mid is just such a versatile position that I go there in basically any tank that isn't a superheavy. If you do choose to play town, go to the corner at the top of F8. From the spot at F9, you can't spot or hit anything that isn't on that narrow corridor you are aiming down. It is a very limiting position. 13:26- At this point you should h
  8. Try to move perpendicular to them, since arty has such horrible dispersion. What you are trying to do is force them to aim outside their turn radius and force their gun to bloom. If your tank is too slow to do that, try to juke them out. Start moving in one direction, then stop suddenly and turn somewhere else. Repeat until unspotted. Basically, if you have ever played arty, do everything that pubbies have done that made it near impossible for you to hit them. Also, if you are pushing up across an open field, try to weave from side to side in order to give arty less of an opportunity to s
  9. 13:45- Should have just poked up to put a shot in the LTTB instead of aiming towards the IS-3. Guaranteed damage on the light, while the IS-3 sides can be very derpy, not to mention that you can't hit him anyways. 13:22- At this point, you see that a large enemy force is pushing town right now. Instead of backing up, you should be playing more aggressive and try to win that flank as fast as possible, since it is likely that your town forces will be overwhelmed. 12:20- That is a building. Also, T28 is spotted in town, meaning that you need to clear the enemies in field ASAP. 11:0
  10. I greatly anticipate the whine threads on the main forums that will inevitably accompany the sale of this tank.
  11. They still exist, its just that the amount of "top clans" is significantly lower since a large number of top players have left the game.
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