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  1. Hi friend, what happen to your message?

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    2. MAJEST1C


      Yeah, I know that. I thought you might know why he doesn't go on wotlabs anymore.

    3. hallo1994


      I don't know, real life probably took over him.

    4. OneTrueLeader


      whoa7. yeah i had irl stuff but im back now. pm me brah

  2. I wasn't actually mad. I was genuinely congratulating him on joining. As for about me joining BULBA I had a slight glimmer of hope for joining whenever that conversation had taken place, but I longer wish to be a part of BULBA. I'd rather rejoin MAHOU.
  3. someones upset


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    2. OneTrueLeader


      i was in mahou for the clan league.  plus i never played in clan league because i was doing gold league.

    3. mereelskirata
    4. PityFool
  4. Good luck with your program Gold League friend, hopefully you have enough patience
  5. so basically every tank is on sale, and i want to buy a tier 10 which will require me to sell a few tanks.  the tanks that i will be selling will sell at a reduced value because the tanks are on sale.  will it be better for me to wait a week for the sale to end, or to just do it now?  everything that id be selling is 15% off, so is the tier 10 i intend on purchasing.

    1. FavreFan4ever
    2. Lightnin45


      Well you lose around 250K to sell a tier 9, but gain 900K buying a tier 10, so you are still ahead basically 650K over normal prices for a rough estimate.

    3. Scout_in_da_house


      maths is hard, so is reading the special announcements before they take place :doge: 

  6. so i load up steam and launch csgo, the little window comes up thats says "preparing to launch csgo" but it never launches.  csgo doesnt show up in task manager.  pls help.

    1. Cunicularius


      Try uninstalling CSGO. 

    2. TreeBearHunter


      try restarting steam or restarting your pc, its a steam problem and it happens pretty often.

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg
  7. what the hell has apple done now?  now when im not on a wifi connection none of my music shows up on my iphone, no playists, no albums, no artists, nothing.  all of my music is still on itunes on my pc.  what has apple done and how can i fix it?  i dont want to hear any "dont get apple stuff" because that shit doesnt help what i need answers for.

    1. KingYoshiLuca


      It is your fault. You did buy an apple product.

    2. Captain_F22ACE


      Do you have your phone synced to your pc via Apple cloud? 1st thing I can think of. But considering that it's only when you're not on a wifi network is even more odd.

    3. graukatze


      Allow iTunes on your phone to use data connection and not only WiFi. 

  8. any cheap/free to play time wasters?

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    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      One would think, him being OneTrueCancer and all, that he is aware of Clicker Heroes :doge: 
      Adventure Communist also comes to mind.

      After all WoT stays on top of the list for time wasters atm.

    3. aaveq


      Getting wasted is cheap :doge: 

    4. edger2020


      Depends do you have access to torrents or not :P

      If not, try http://www.miniclip.com/games/plants-vs-zombies/en/

  9. Shoot at a tank when its traveling at its slowest. Best is when the tank is poking a ridge, corner, or stopping to aim. You either have splash or accuracy, never both(the tank that is closest to both is the M53, which is probably the most solid arty). You generally want to aim either towards the tracks or halfway up the tanks side, and either aim at the center or the direction they will most likely be moving in next if they decide to start moving when you release your shot. You're an idiot if you don't use Battle Assistant. Arty is the only class I would promote failtooning(within 2 tiers
  10. anyone else see the news about the mass shooting in california?  i bet there will be even more gun control laws being proposed in the very near future.

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    2. OneTrueLeader
    3. Storm


      A cursory amount of research suggests that the assault rifles used were probably brought in from another state with weaker gun laws, so to dismiss gun control as ineffective citing this as an example wouldn't really be accurate, though of course it's not possible to know for certain either way. 

      Having said that, the real solution is to properly fix the US' mental health system, and to do a better job improving the socio-economic conditions of those in poverty.

    4. kolni
  11. omg they have eggnog now

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