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  1. I bought it as well. I can definitely see where the weaknesses are in the tank, but overall this tank may have well improved my game experience tenfold. I have plenty and have had plenty of premium tanks, this is the one that I am clearly most comfortable in (I have a batchat... and even though I can't really clip out a lot of tanks 100-0, you can still bring that "Janitor" play to it), as well as the most fun for me personally. If you have a tier 10 batchat, like it, and play it well, this is not only a great crew trainer (since it matches perfectly), but also allows you to, again, play in th
  2. Hello world! Just came back after about 1.5 years off, due to an old computer really starting to take its toll on the quality of gameplay and generally making me miserable. Just moved to California and upgraded my PC almost completely (Kept PSU... and HDD...) Looking for a clan that is active in Clan Wars or I suppose STrong Holds, preferably that use 10s a lot since it is what I enjoyed the most. Also want to platoon quite a bit, play mainly on West right now, because 25 ping, but East isn't that bad for me at 100. If you feel like you have a clan that fits the bill, let me know! F
  3. Just moved to California last week! Haven't played much for 1.5 years, but finally upgraded computer after move so I am on NA west, shaking off rust. IG: _Fear_Me I play mostly 8s and 10s. Add me anyone!
  4. Question, coming back after a while away. Should I focus on rebuying my tier 8 light tanks I don't have in my garage at the moment? Or is having them researched enough? Or is there no carry-over if you already own/researched said tank and it moves tiers or whatever? Just trying to figure out if I gotta hammer away at that ASAP or not
  5. Since I haven't been able to find enough opinions on this tank, let's start here! What are your thoughts for ya'll folks who have owned it, or played it at all. Pros? Cons? Meh's? Quirks? Stronkholds? Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you REALLY feel.
  6. So, I decided to start dedicating myself to really focus on the game and try to raise my win rate and wn8 probably around the start of the year, did take a 8-10 weeks off because I started new job/moved/etc. So far, so good, my wn8 has been going up consistently, so over time it will get to at least where I feel like I am "stuck" right now, which would be 1500-2000 wn8 days... but my win rate is all over the place on those days. Sometimes I have 48% win rate for the day, sometimes I have 60%, mostly feel like probably between 50-52% almost always solo. So, long story short, I love
  7. Yep, I love this tank. I was sold on the test server a couple months ago, bought more into it after the first few games on live. It feels downright dirty to have a 440 alpha gun on that short of a reload. So dirty that I psych myself out sometimes and have to look down at the ammo count to make sure my reload timer isn't just glitching because it's THAT short. Granted, APCR would be nice, but I won't complain, haven't run into any issues thus far in a combined 45 or so games between test and live. Anyone think the new way maps are starting to be shaped up might see a tank like this use
  8. Is it possible that a small Chinese golden age might be arriving with all these "uneven terrain" maps becoming flatter/more even?
  9. I thought they were similar now >_> But this is what i'm struggling with... suppose I will have to purchase them both and see for myself but I can't decide if the comfort/convenience of the 6 shot clip from the T71 might make it a better pub tank, at least for me. But I suppose that's a person by person basis, but personally with autoloaders in pubs I don't always use all the shots, like my batchat, especially early in some games, I see myself unloading maybe 3 shots before they start to look at me, get one more off, then i'm bugging out to reposition on the map so I don't get focused an
  10. So, I have seen sprinkles of opinions throughout the forum and other places so far but no real discussion has spawned out of them. The opinions being that the buffs to dispersion/gun handling on the T71 is noticeable and the nerf to the non-autoloader M41 as well as reload on the clip were pretty "lame". With these, I was wondering, is the T71 now on more equal footing? How much? Is it better now and if so, when? Is the gun handling of the T71 worth having 6 shots, more dpm(faster reload/DPM in general) taking 10 seconds to shoot compared to the 10 shots that take 18ish seconds to shoot
  11. Can people post their thoughts on 100 vs 85 after the buffs? Is it still "feel" or is there a clear winner? I feel like the 100 makes it directly comparable to the 54L while the 85 might make it just different enough... Alpha or DPM, Tourney/Pubs/Whatever scenarios.
  12. I think the argument is being made that just under 19 seconds for 6 shots people would rather be able to fire 6 shots (exposed 10 seconds max) and having 6 more in 19 seconds rather than trying to shoot 10 shots (being exposed for 18 seconds) and then waiting 32... or shooting 6 shots, then only having 4 more left otherwise have to decide to wait 13 more seconds to get more available shots again, etc etc. Also if the on the move shooting is clearly superior on the T71 after the buff, it might make it -that- much more equal. Hesitant to say the T71 would be better but I do believe it might be
  13. So is the m41 still the choice? Or does the T71 have qualities that make it better, equal, or "taste dependent" now after 9.6?
  14. Could be because I am so used to playing scout lines, but I really am not "miserable" in a tier 10 game as a tier 8 anything (so far). There's still, again, more than enough you can do to swing odds in your favor and help your team win. Not to mention you'll get more XP damaging tier 10's which makes using it for crew training -that- much simpler... The fact you have enough speed/quickness to flank is all you need to focus on. Find 1v1/2v2's make them 2v1/3v2's or whatever it may be. With 212 pen you're more than capable of putting out damage and if you're a better player than I am (Note, al
  15. This. Slightly irking how many people keep comparing it to the FCM for carry potential or whatever. If I want to have a tier 8 premium for "stat" purposes, you go with the IS-6, or for more fun the FCM, it's pretty plain and simple. As regards to what this premium tank is, and should be noted for, is it's ability to use my Batchat crew which I am going to LOVE, all while being more than enough to fight whatever it sees.
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