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  1. WZ-120: 15 WZ-111 1-4: 25Skoda T-50: 32 AMX 30: 23 Waffentr├Ąger auf Panzer IV: 5 Jagdtiger: 22 VK 45.02 B: 22E75: 0 - I'd rather play any of the other tanks. E50: 30 Leopard PTA: 10Conqueror: 25 T54E1: 16T30: 14 M46 Patton: 37 - best t9 tank T-54: 25 Obj 430V2: 27 T-10: 36ST-I: 20
  2. WZ-120: 20 WZ-111 1-4: 22 Skoda T50: 25 Foch: 5 Lorraine 40t: 6 AMX 30: 21 Waffen IV: 14 Jagdtiger: 21 VK 45.02 B: 22 E75: 15 E 50: 25 Leo PTA: 19 Type 61: 14 Centurion 7/1: 12 Tortoise: 17 Conqueror: 23 Conway: 17 T54E1: 21 T30: 21 M46 Patton: 32 excelent gun, good apcr, very flexible M103: 17 Object 704: 17 SU-122-54: 5 nothing going for it T-54: 20 Obj 430 II: 23 T-10: 25 ST-I: 20
  3. TVP T50/51: 21AMX 50B: 31Batchat 25t: 23E 100: 29E 50 M: 24Centurion AX: 4STB-1: 10 the gun handling is terrible, the turret is unreliableFV215b: 25M48 Patton: 41T110E5: 28 nothing this tank can't do, great armor/mobility combo, good gun.T-62A: 22Object 140: 23 IS-7: 4IS-4: 8
  4. First game in the Mutz pretty gud tank. http://wotreplays.com/site/2556144#siegfried_line-bogdanggk-panzer_58_mutz
  5. You still need help with this? Poke me in game, should be on most evenings for the next few days at least.
  6. As to strategies, I like playing the 11th squadron for now. Put lots of tanks on the ground and keep them alive for as long as possible. Deny the enemies resources and it usually ends up in a win. I also seem to lose most games by running out of time ) I think every time you do a move they should give you 5s back or just reset the clock. If I have 7-8 tanks to move and I get distracted for 1min which is possible it gets very close towards the end of the games.
  7. All the cards from the very first ones you can unlock have specific bonuses for their home HQ.
  8. I don't know what all the fuss is about Everyone expects to come in, yolo and win 85% of the time. Well guess what, it's not going to happen. We make mistakes, Nurkus makes mistakes, etc the point is to cover for one another not start blaming people. FC made a bad call? Speak up after the game. You don't have a better alternative? Shut it. Someone does something stupid, offer a better way. Nobody reacts well to "hurr durr you're terrbile". And for fuck's sake when we have a credit bonus ready up after the game stop wasting time
  9. On sale as of this morning https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/
  10. I really don't believe in that statement and I see it keeps coming up over and over again. Unless you are playing at superunicum levels it should not be the case. Playing with reliable mates will allow you to survive more often, play more to your tank's role (e.g. properly support in a td for example, flank a stalemate in a medium etc) and generally be alive come crunch time. It obviously depends on your skill level compared to your mates but if you're all at the same level more or less and know how to play in a platoon (take hits for each other, communicate effectively and not sit all on top of one another) you should have better results individually as well as better winrates. From my experience you get a good session stats wise when you manage to avoid derp games and when you are constantly alive at the end of the game (those 2 shots and 1 kill are meaningless for winrate). Playing in a competent platoon will allow you to do that more often.
  11. I think that if you play various tanks t7-t10 with good crews, moderate gold spam and limited grinding you can get to 60% winrate solo. There's plenty of evidence of players focusing on one tank(usually better than average vehicle) and win more than that consistently. I haven't played in 10 months until recently and still manged 62% over 152 battles while adjusting to the new meta/new maps and getting back into shape. My advice: - know maps really well and all the good positions where you can take advantage of your enemies. There are a lot of tricks you can learn from streams/replays - play 2-3 tanks in a session to keep consistency a bit. Don't play a t5 TD, then e100, then 50 100, then scout tank. You will likely play one like the others and fail. - be aggressive and take control of the key sections on the map (the only way to get a job done right is doing it yourself). If you screw-up at least you can blame yourself - always predict what your enemies and your team is going to do and be in a position to take advantage - never trade your HP 1:1 unless you are getting a kill out of it - take risks but only if you stand to gain something out of it. - never give up, people get complacent when they think they have the upper hand, punish them for it
  12. While I'm not a statistical mastermind I think you could go about it in a slightly different way. Will think about it more later tonight but basically you could say that even if you had a 60% chance of winning each game, which in my mind is way more than the actual number there's only a 0.9% chance that you'd win 65% of them out of 300 randomly. So there definitely is some element of skill that accounts for the other 99% of the time. http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=300+trials+195+successes+probability+of+success+.60 I picked 65% deliberately below your winrate which is around 70% for most tiers just to prove a point. So therefore 300 is surely enough of a sample size to prove that it's not by chance that you are winning by skill rather than random luck. Can't say yet what the magic number is but I'll think about it.
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