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  1. Still got a replay on KV2 sniping from 500+. Near 0.3 acc tanks too? L7 or German sniping guns have so but when I click...
  2. Do you believe that final accuracy means something?
  3. PL. According to him stats show OPness of these tanks. Forgot to mention really low population playing it.
  4. MeinHerzBrennt. For him these heavies were OP. Reading global stats is so hard.
  5. I know a guy who (for years) states that Swede heavies are OP. Nope, he's not from WG. I think @hazzgar may know who I'm talking about.
  6. CQMM9-QMW5N-EHHV2 - Plague Inc: Evolved Steam cod. Hope it works.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      someone used it already btw

      someone used it already btw

    2. MacusFlash


      Have no idea. I posted steam code from humble bundle but not a gift one. IIRC it shouldn't block it for someone else so probably someone was a dick... 

  7. Literally every light tank is crying in the corner.
  8. MacusFlash

    HWK 30

    QB states that wheels are the best active scouts so I'm not surprised. Paper light tank can't counter wheels. It needs armor to deal with them so the only real choice is Russian branch. Even 152 derp is not that good.
  9. Single shot Swedish heavy tanks should be a real thing. Been playing Kran on test and it was awful - with 9s clip it's so hard to use magazine potential.
  10. Wow, everything changes so fast. In the video swed med was as fast as E50M but now it's slower than M48. Still work in progress to make another broken crap branch.
  11. 14 degrees gun depression + bouncy turret + gun as high as it's possible = new king of the hill? Also 105mm gun from UDES on tier VIII medium with 8 shots per minute looks like a placeholder. I hope so...
  12. @WaterWar I get it but the problem is that we have promised crew rework for years (IIRC it's WIP since 2015 - @GehakteMolen would know it for sure) but nothing happens. And then suddenly from nothing we got a brand new visual feature that nobody wanted and not sure if it will ever change. There are so many much more important stuff to do than milk players in every possible way. You are right crew portraits are harmless but it's still a tool to earn money. WG can't release new OP/broken premium tanks because people feel cheated - their old really good premiums got obsolote so fast by new tech tree/reward tanks. Who wants to throw money at max 6-months tanks? With rebalancing the entire game WG would make players believe that they are not wasting money. WoT should give pubbies fun and unicums fun&wins. Right now it's all about winning and it's not a pubbie thing so mayority of players is mad.
  13. Let's a play a game. Tell me which camo values belong to tier X light tanks. There are two MT spies among them. Do not cheat or SerB will curse you with bad RNG.


    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. nabucodonsor


      ATM trees a have more armour than a Leopard

    3. hazzgar


      I'm pretty sure those hay bales have more armor since I never flipped my tank on a leopard but I did on a hale bale. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      Also you cant pen them and block your shots so yeah. WG hitboxes are OP

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