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  1. Literally 5 sec more and I'd get my general in FL. BTW the gameplay is in a terrible state.

    1. DirtyACE7


      FL, just like randoms, is populated mostly by brain-dead idiots who do not understand the simple point of FL and how it is much better for all to prolong matches to get the benefits. I don't know how many times I see a dumbass lieutenant or captain rushing in to kill the turrets. Just pure idiocy. I wish TKing was still allowed in FL because I'd be TKing these morons to prevent them from killing the "objectives".

    2. NightmareMk9


      I got 2 Generals last night even with all the idiots.  One game on the attacking side the morons could not take a SINGLE CAP POINT!!!  I only managed LT on that loss. 

    3. sundanceHelix


      Yes but I get to grind all my T8s from stock without using free exp, so I'm not complaining much. Gameplay still shit.

  2. For several months I was struggling with missing free space on my SSD (system disk). Literally nothing on Windows was showing me a file or a folder taking ~50GB. Finally via Linux I detected a guilty file. It was System Volume Information which should be a place for recovery stuff. Thanks to some great internet advice I get rid of that shit and blocked max size to 1GB (default could take 100% of SSD). 
    Funny thing - it should never happen because years ago I've blocked recovery for this disk. This is how Microsoft fucks us all. 

  3. Armored Warfare in a nutshell: ATGM, ATGM, ATGM.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Assassin7


      Armoured warfare still exists?

    3. MacusFlash


      @Assassin7 Not for long. It looks like devs want it dead. 

    4. Zinn


      That game is such a wasted opportunity. They were so close to make the WoT everyone wanted and yet decided to go completely in the same direction WoT did because short term growth > long term profitability  :doge:

  4. STB - unplayable. Also those shell velocities. APCR slower than AP? Leo - a real buff. AMX - better than STB and Leo. 430U - that's a joke. It barely looks like a nerf. Even if those changes were 100% perfect giving e-orgasm to every WoT player they're still meaningless without at least global armor rebalance (not saying a word about arty and maps).
  5. Who cares about LTs when wheels are zooming on battlefields?
  6. @tajj7 Nope. Even 8.6 great didn't make it. People just want to play with special rules and ability to shit on other players.
  7. I was hunting clickers down on my second account with crusader sp. Jeez, tracers are terrible. To counter arty a player needs a real gift to read those tracers.
  8. Meaningless neefs to some arties. Limiting stun duration is a good idea but we want to remove it at all.
  9. Question is which one was for WoT super bundle with every prem tank
  10. Still got a replay on KV2 sniping from 500+. Near 0.3 acc tanks too? L7 or German sniping guns have so but when I click...
  11. Do you believe that final accuracy means something?
  12. PL. According to him stats show OPness of these tanks. Forgot to mention really low population playing it.
  13. MeinHerzBrennt. For him these heavies were OP. Reading global stats is so hard.
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