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  1. Note one thing - a regular flu is something we may deal ourselves in home. Few need a medical attention. Meanwhile covid is spreading and killing despite extreme actions including total lockdown. Image what it would do without any restrictions.
  2. To all Germans here - damn you, bloody bastards. 100k tests in a week? It's much more more than my country did so far till the veru beginning of the pandemic - right now it's 35k. Gov is focused on incoming election. Who would care about pandemic? I tell you this in case of you ever wonder where the second wave of Covid came from.
  3. I have a really uncommon question: what UNofficial news say in your countries? Do they confirm what governments and med institutions say or they are trying to say the situation is at least a bit worse?
  4. Presidential election planned for 10th May. Gov says it will be fine despite pandemia. Osama, you freaking amatour...
  5. Years ago in Tank Inspector Era I've created IS-8 with Centurion 7 turret (hull loaded first and turret came much later). I should patent this...
  6. Player is still learning. Give him time and he will kill us all with virus called "Sweet Rainbow Princess CoV-87"
  7. Somebody on the Internet just said that everything is fine till people don't die in mass. All we need is Plague Inc. scenario, right? I'm okay with gov's actions because it's still way better than doing nothing untill it's too late.
  8. In Poland is (not) good at all. Only about 50 cases but our goverment is NOT willing to do more virus tests unless someone already has symptoms. Schools are closed but churches are not and prime minister doesn't care. In my region is calm so far.
  9. Been trying for last several hours to run my cheap market controller on any Steam game. Nope, it still ignores some buttons because reasons. Nothing helps. Good to know that main gaming platform is a garbage when it come to such an easy thing.

  10. Two main problems with HE. 1. Way too many tanks using HE as the first choice ammo. Jap heavies, shitbarn etc. This game needs a few tanks specialized in derp guns like KV-2 (with increased MM because this gun is a real thread even to X) or T49. 2. Ability to destroy INTERNAL modules and kill a crew without a penetration. Gods know why they decided to keep it that way.
  11. Firestarter and detonator - play ATDU full of PISH and do it in one battle not even trying. True story.
  12. I'm not surprised at all. WoT has wheels so AW get infantry.
  13. Allow me to say that again: Chrysler was never OP so there was no space for any hype. It's a broken tank reaming both gold to fight with it and against it.
  14. Every time I play online I run ping -t command addressed to google.com. Now I know that losing ONE packet may cause connection lost in Armored Warfare. The best net code ever in online only game.  

    1. Tman450
    2. MacusFlash


      Already there but I have literally zero time to spare. 

  15. Because every sperm is sacred... A bit more seriously it's "happy shitter" policy. It doesn't matter how terrible person/player you are if you play WoT and throw money at WG.
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