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  1. Over 10k dmg on Centurion 7/1. Pretty nice gameplay but I don't get why people do not auto load HESH against lower tiers? It'd let him tear apart every tank he faced. 


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      If you're shooting at butts of any kind (other than superheavies or dumb shit like JPEs) you should shoot HESH or have your next round loading be HESH tbh

    3. kolni


      Even with the old FV4202 I used to fire HESH at least 5 rounds per game, and especially if you have sideshots. A flank with HESH loaded was just insane DPM for that time.

    4. MacusFlash


      @Marty 210mm base penetration is enough to go through some tanks even at tier X. All you need is to know weakspots, HE mechanics and let your enemies show their sides if they are to tough from front. 480 alpha and higher chance to hit modules is totally worth longer aim and a chance to fail with some minor dmg or none. Team may finish a certain tank way faster (100-150 HP make a huge difference) and push flank more efficiently. 



      Centurion while being top tank may use only HESH through the entire battle without even consider changing ammo to APCR. In this video there are so many tanks with armor thin enough to score ~500 dmg hits: Tiger, Skorpion and others. Maybe only Lowe and SuperPershing would require APCR to deal with them.

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