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  1. I'm tired of what WoT has became. HD maps full of bad hitboxes, corridors and super spots for tanks with both great guns and camo. Totally fucked up balance with tier XI, one shot guns on X, minimal difference between sniper guns and brawl ones, armor layouts giving OP EFA. Artillery being a cancer of this game and combined with XVM it's just like hitting a pinata. 

    WG does nothing to give me a reason to pay for WoT. 

    Yeah, I need friends.

    Second thing. I wrote an e-mail to Rita according this video of QuickyBaby because I can't reach him directly. It was December 27th. Nothing. Totally ignored. I love it. The case was/is about a guy in batchat who was using illegal mod showing destroyed objects on a minimap. Link to battle with the mod enabled. So Rita did nothing. Maybe QB did? Nope. He's too busy making new videos despite people telling him in comments how unfair was the mentioned battle. 

    How the fuck are we supposed to get high quality gameplay when even CCs do not get a single shit about it? All they want are views so they get money. Only Jingles had balls during Fochgate. 

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    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      'TheFallenTrees' still works? Thought WG patched that mod out in 8.12

    3. MacusFlash


      @Sapros Thanks for advice. Also look at this https://youtu.be/83JdQLZ4BZI?t=568 - case from 2 years ago. Then the same battle with destruction mod https://youtu.be/ramw7Gx38s8?t=576 This CC ignored people telling him it was a cheat.


    4. DHP


      Just saw QB videos i don't know how he could have missed it. The E4 and the Tortoise is so obvious he is using destroyed object mod it's crazy. 

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