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  1. And again Frontline is full of crap.

    Overtime - yes, help those attacking morons who can't their job in time.

    Artillery strike - add stun because we hate our customers.

    Losing sector and auto kill - how about giving tanks with max speed below 30km/h perk Last Stand which allows them to fight to the end? Nope, it's better to punish players for playing slow tanks.

    1. Kymrel


      I tend to like overtime. I want the games to last a bit longer so I can get higher rank, to be honest. Artillery strike I agree on. Would be better without that for sure. As for auto-kills, just go in and try to do damage and then pick a new tank. You don't want a slow tank in that phase of the game anyway.

    2. MacusFlash


      Bonus for a win is way better than exp you may earn in extra time. 

      At least give people a chance to fight. Auto kill is a dumb solution. 

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