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  1. Looks like Frontline should be called Sovietline. Most people take Progetto 46 (this game mode is literally made for them) or just everything soviet. Defender, IS-3(A), tier IX LT, vodka Scorpion and the entire family of mediums. Do you want armor? Take soviet. Do you want mobility? Take soviet. Do you want bullshit guns ignoring their own accuracy in their flavor? Takie soviet. I'm playing mostly light tanks and Centurion with Caernarvon. It's frustrating that I need to fully aim to hit something with so called accurate gun when soviet tanks just turn around and put a shot right into me. To make a real difference between shotguns and snipers the worst sniper should have 0,3 acc, not the best. KV-2 with 0,6 base acc may have battle that makes Grille 15 cry in corner.

    Also Frontline and again fire support. 20 shot in max out artillery support means a great gangbang to modules. Such a great idea - who doesn't love losing ~500HP and 3-5 modules in one strike? Go with max free shot with bigger alpha instead of what we have now.

    /rant ended

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    2. hazzgar



      Sorry but no. Even in t8 there are tanks that compete with Ruskies. Also the only good non russian tanks are Bat, Jap, Brit and China heavies? Seriously? T95 and Tortoise are overperforming as hell after buffs. They may be boring but people are doing GREAT in them. M48 Patton is still a good Medium. 13 105 while not as good of a scout as the t100lt it is better at doing damage. Skoda TVP and Progetto are good tanks and their t9 tanks are also good. Hell T8 Italian Med is the best t8 med. Strv 103b is a strange tank to play but it's probably one of the best if not the best t10 td. T9 french non autoloader heavy is good. Lorianne 40T is a great prem. 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Why play the m48 Patton when you can play a 277 or a 5A? Even the russian mediums are now useless compared to these tanks.

      Why play the 13 105 when the Bat is a better dmg dealer and the 100LT is a better scout?

      Why play the t95 when the bobject 263 is in the game? I am not saying it is not strong it is but at least I'd able to move around the map.

      The TVP is good only the end game and the Progetto is ok at best. They do have a niche because they are autoloaders, but I bet that when WG will finally release russian autoloaders they will be better. Just wait and see.

      Saying the Strvb is the best tier X td is not much of a victory as tier X tds are terrible. But I agree i completely forgot about that one (altough I wished it weren't in game)


    4. hazzgar


      1. Why play the m48 patton? First of all you are matched up against meds not heavies. Also Patton has 500 dpm over 277 and 200 over 5a. It also has 400-500 better m/s shell round so you are way better at moving fast moving targets. You are also WAAAAY better at shooting on the move because of 0.05 and 0.07 better dispersion on both moving and tank traverse. You also get 9 deg of gun dep not 7 or 5.5. You also get 20m more vr. Plus you know we are not talking about one best tank in the game. Patton is still good. Do you only play one tank that you consider the best or alternate between a few good ones?


      2. Using your logic Waffle E100 was a good tank because it's the best damage dealer but wait, it wasn't. Why? Because a tank is a mix of skills. Elc even 90 is a better scout than lt432 but it's a worse tank. 13 105 is a comparable tank overal to t100lt. It trades something for something. It's slightly worse but still a fun tank.


      3. Why play the t95 over 263? t95 overperforms more than 263. So if you are looking for "best tenk" using your logic that's the only reason I need. But also overall better armor + better gun. 

      4. And I bet pigs will fly. T9 Standard b is one of the best t9 meds acording to many players here. Progetto and tvp are stituational but still very fun and good. All that matters. 

      5. It's still the best. All that matters. 

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