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  1. Looks like Frontline should be called Sovietline. Most people take Progetto 46 (this game mode is literally made for them) or just everything soviet. Defender, IS-3(A), tier IX LT, vodka Scorpion and the entire family of mediums. Do you want armor? Take soviet. Do you want mobility? Take soviet. Do you want bullshit guns ignoring their own accuracy in their flavor? Takie soviet. I'm playing mostly light tanks and Centurion with Caernarvon. It's frustrating that I need to fully aim to hit something with so called accurate gun when soviet tanks just turn around and put a shot right into me. To make a real difference between shotguns and snipers the worst sniper should have 0,3 acc, not the best. KV-2 with 0,6 base acc may have battle that makes Grille 15 cry in corner.

    Also Frontline and again fire support. 20 shot in max out artillery support means a great gangbang to modules. Such a great idea - who doesn't love losing ~500HP and 3-5 modules in one strike? Go with max free shot with bigger alpha instead of what we have now.

    /rant ended

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    2. MacusFlash


      @hazzgar Among heavies Caer is 2nd best. KV-4 was great years ago - it wasn't fun tank but it was doing its job. For years ISU-152 was the king of a tier. Minimal effort, maximum results TD. 




    3. nabucodonsor


      Hazzagar I can't find a single tank that can do something different/better than any Russian tank can already do. Who cares if the KV4 is trash. Or if there are some "bad" russian tanks. What about then a all the other nations? What about the TIger 2 then? Most tanks that are not Russian either are just flat out worse or have a gimmick that somehow they can pull off. From tier X to VIII the only good non russian tanks are the Bat, the Jap and British heavies and the Chinese heavy line which is useless as you can get the 277 which is just as good. 

      So no there is no variety there is just the main russian tech tree, some exceptions and rest are just an avalanche of turds.

    4. simba90


      RHM with the 150 is a bloody pain in the ass to fight in FL

      edit: tbh I focus them more than I would a vodka skorpion.

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