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  1. Don't act like a brawling heavy, your not. I played it like a medium, did fine. 68% wr in mostly solo games.
  2. Yeah, this. Not much skill involved so tomatoes loving this. Little reward for healing since crew exp driven by damage. Turn off the sound and your mind, crank some rock and left click.
  3. If no one buys it they will buff it. Either a stats buff or pref mm. My money is on pref mm.
  4. I am scratching my head trying to figure out how a ship v. ship game is going to be fun. Are ships gonna be playing peekaboo around islands? Destroyers circle-strafing cruisers? So much of navel warfare was about spotting with aviation... Seems like a right click left click borefest. I used to play Battlefield 2-Forgotten Hope and they had done some nice maps with ships but the ship battles got boring fast.
  5. Yeah, this mean stay flexible. There are some nice lanes for flanking in the city that can turn the tide.
  6. Old SGLE member and goon looking to play tonks again in an active clan. Returned to the game a few months ago after a 2 year break. I shoot tanks pretty good and got's lots of tanks for whatever is needed. Chief RIP Chair
  7. I will give you a +50 if that is arty you are shooting.
  8. Caern is a decent tank but takes far to much module damage. DPM is good because of reload speed but the alpha is low so learning to not trade shots and maximize this advantage is key. It also moves along at a decent rate so you can go to medium spots on the map. It's worth the grind because the Conq is great.
  9. Pretty soon clickers won't even need to look at the screen, they can just click the mouse every 43 seconds and collect the rage.
  10. You will get tier 8 games, nothing is broken. Learn to play in 9s and 10s because it is what it is.
  11. This is a hard one and is a moving target from game to game. It may mean defending, it may mean retreating, it may mean joining a lemming push... The key is not dying and not taking major damage early rendering you less effective. Tanks with mobility can help you here.
  12. I welcome tier 10 games in my Lowe. I get mass xp/credits for dmg to higher tiers and Lowe has no prob penning most tanks in the game because of its pen and accuracy.
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