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  1. Live! twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot

  2. Yankees Space Cowboys Anime Club live @ http://www.twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot

  3. come join me at twitch.tv/yankeejr for some platoon action!

    1. TheMarine0341


      I'll join your plat sometime, breh. You seem to play when I do

  4. Live at http://www.twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot come join the fun :) I dont bite <3 only if you want me too ;)

    1. TheMarine0341


      Strem still lags out on meh, breh. All others no issues :(

    2. Kilpanic


      Could also do without hearing how great god is all the damn time.

  5. Live at http://www.twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot come join the fun :) I dont bite <3

  6. Live @ twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot tune in for PBKAC badness!

  7. Live now @ twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot come join in for fun!

  8. Streaming at twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot! Come join the fun!

  9. Come join me in search for my father! Come in relax, have fun. Ask questions and request tanks, I dont bite... just gently http://www.twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot toss a follow and say hi in chat <3 P.S If you enjoyed the stream or didn't leave some feedback for improvement <3
  10. sorry about joining your team on accident, I was merely told that you had openings, needed an extra player, and were recruiting from my current clan, BSHJO. Is it ok if I stay just for this tourney, since you already submitted the team?

  11. Looking for a solid group of tankers for all times during the day that have a variety of tanks that are working on completing the personal missions. Currently I'm finishing up the concept td. Competence is a must, pm me through game or here. If you are here to get carried, i'm not interested Thank you <3
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