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  1. You could use this for now tbqh. https://milkym4n91.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/9-14-e-50-hd-remodel/
  2. How can anyone hate something so kawaii? http://i.imgur.com/OEoyTir.jpg 

    1. cavman276


      Because you used kawaii in a sentence

    2. kolni


      because they aren't 2D

    3. Chryses


      I can't choose just one. I gotta catch them all.

  3. Hello goyims, any shekels anyone want to donate? http://i.imgur.com/TO3x6UU.jpg

    1. AGMx



    2. Medjed


      lol wtf is that....like a cookie clicker with jews :D

    3. AGMx


      http://shekelclicker.tk/ Don't refresh the page after you load it.

  4. Soon™ wait, didn't you get to play the conqueror on a different account right? Video unrelated
  5. no....... this is much better >>>>>> http://webm.host/39a9f/vid.webm
  6. You guys wanna be scarred by some spooky shit that I've watched at 7 years old? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFxd2EPuPqA&feature=youtu.be&t=1h09s

  7. Which crew skill should I add? http://i.imgur.com/AIAUZt1.png

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    2. AGMx


      But neither the VK or the Panther on which I plan on later putting on that crew have good accuracy on the move so I might as well get off road driving or preventative maintenance, or is that a bad idea? Smooth ride only increases accuracy by 4% when the skill is 100%. Wat do?

      Smooth ride wouldn't make a huge difference is what I'm saying.

    3. OneTrueLeader


      but the crew is going to end up in the e50/e50m right?  smooth ride/snapshot/safe stowage/sith sense/camo/repairs are all basic skill that every tank can benefit from.  generally off road driving and preventative maintenance are skill that you get when you dont have any other relevant skill to go for.  in the end its whatever you want it to be.

    4. AGMx


      I have both the E50 and E50M in my garage and both the crews on those tanks have 2 full skills + around 30% on 3rd skills

  8. Does your brain hurt after reading this?
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