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  1. Wait what? That's on a whole 'nother level! Now I'm even more curious!
  2. OMG the 4 shot HE autoloader is so much fun. 0.5secs intraclip pew pew pew pew and you run. But in general fast tanks are in a huge disadvantage at the endgame. Where there is only 1-5 sectors to fight.
  3. You kinda low key said WR is luck on that post.
  4. These are very few superhuman people especially in some certain tanks. Maybe it's true but there are limitation on how rigged it can get. Can't keep putting one of these guys with 14 reds all the time. We've been hearing about this patented MM for many years now. There were many pages documents leaked some years ago. It has to have some basis.
  5. I get the the mobility upgrades instead of the HP ones. Even if you take the big gun in the start you can end up with the auto-reloader. Not autoloader on the germans. My mistake. The American one ends up a t69ish with autoloader. And an m103ish with hp and armor upgrades. With the german one never managed to get to the end upgrade. Neither fast nor heavy. The Russian starter is so much better than the rest, especially the American. It's the fastest by far and sits in the middle in armor. It can bounce. It can fight and it can run from anything. BTW I came across a Vksomething top upgraded German and he was shooting me for OVER 1K dmg each shot. Holy shit I run away as fast as I could. edit: I just made My VK shoot 1k. Lol it was so funny, everyone was scared shitless after the first shot. I killed 10 tanks in this game xD
  6. I tried that. By the time there are less than 10 tanks left you're still at the stock tank and they can smash you. Yes you'll get 1 chevron but that's it. They only time I've managed to win solo was when I was opportunistic found two enemies duking it I killed both and I upgraded really fast to be a predator they can't fight. edit: Just won again 1st in solo. Killed two guys in the start and then I was 2 chassis above until top three when the two assholes that were left cooperated all fucking game. Fucking assholes. Two IS3ish, I escaped them earlier in the game and I met them in the end again. Beat both these assholes with my autoloading t55ish edit2: Rattlesnake is underpowered BTW edit3: Just won solo again. The last guy was STOCK LOL. All 3 times with the Russian tanky. Agile little thing.
  7. It's not bad. Almost came first twice but he chose to be heavy and I chose to be med and he killed me in the last square. But I also got caught in 2vs1 early on twice and lost 4 chevrons -_-
  8. 175cm, 80kg, 50lb bench raw, 60lb deadlift raw, 70lb squat raw. ALL LOVE HANDLES BABY
  9. Yeah Chinese TDs might not be anything interesting to play but they're not the easiest of tanks to deal with. I'd rather fight a 268. The manticore is just laughable.
  10. I'm pretty sure his capital "I" (i) is also a small "I" (L). Look at IS3 haha
  11. My GAWD I just played the STB1 after the changes. What the FUCK!!!??? Reload is almost the same with less Alpha. The accuracy is KV2 bad with without Stalin guiding the shells and the worst of all THAT FUCKING SUSPENSION. You cannot peak and snap when you do that suspension goes down and it completely fucks up your aim and your shot. I had to actively fight the god damn suspension to get shots of at close to max gun depression. 

    1. Ham_


      I bought the STA-1 last year because I loved the STB. Thank god i quit.

    2. RC_Tank


      i came here to check on the state of the game

      one of the first things i see is that they fucked up the stb wargaming is still braindead


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