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  1. Doesn't matter. I still got pushed out in front of an enemy t57 by a friendly...
  2. I'm enjoying this. He does have some very high end dmg games, but 0 consistency. I guess this is how bobs get 260s lol Please continue.
  3. I made it to top league 1st normal season by spamming HE with the VK7201 lol. Cheaper than spamming gold too! Haha
  4. I agree. I have no issues facing a S.conq with any tank. Even the shitty AMX M4 51. I tried it on Ranked battles and I was getting battered by HEAT on the turret. everything well aimed penned. The gun mantlet is a weakspot too. I played WZ-111-A5 afterwards and its turret can withstand more punishment. Anyway RIP STB 1. 360dmg on a paper, slow med.
  5. This is soo bad... How is it remotely comparable with the obj432 or whatever the Russian prem is called...
  6. lol wtf. FV4005 is just now WAY more frustrating to play (very significant nerfs) but the lowbobs (putting it lightly) that are stupid enough to get hit from it are still gonna get one shot. Now it's just a way worse FV215b183. No more 750dmg blaps in the face fighting a type 5. Just 450 ones. Good enough atleast.
  7. You can already hear arty strikes on Frontline. Make an audible bang every time an enemy arty fires and decrease shell velocity slightly. Campers will still get hit, active tankers won't.
  8. What Kolni said. It's a buff to defender, patriot and other OP prems that treat other 8s like tier 7s. Tier 8 will be just as bad. For a TigerII there is no difference if it meets an obj260 or a defender.
  9. Blue guy in FAME, that did only 3k in a 430U and didn't carry? Oh how the mighty have fallen!

    1. Kymrel


      You know that if he had been on the enemy team he would have done 7k minimum and rolled your team, right? Damn unicorns...

    2. kariverson


      @Kymrel He was on the enemy team. :P FAME is definitely not what it was back it the day. The first year of their creation they were insane ninjas, you couldn't even see them coming! 

    3. Kolni


      sample size xD

  10. For fucks sake another 30% day in almost 40 games!!

    1. sohojacques


      Play something else for a while. It doing me a world of good.

  11. I'm fine with this but they need a combination of better gun handling and better intra clip reload. I'mat the Emil I for months, I hate it.
  12. 7/30 just another day. lol My recent is soon going to be below 50% from 65...

    1. Archaic_One


      My recent went from almost 60 to 51, so I'm feeling you. I literally have no idea what I'm doing anymore in this meta

    2. sohojacques


      I’ve stopped playing until the marathon is over. Hopefully longer, even....

  13. I'd rather have the blueprints for unique or shitty premium low tier tanks. Something to look forward to but not let pubbies have tier 10 tanks even easier.
  14. Meta has changed so much. So many new stupid tanks, so many bad map changes,  pubbies stopped deploying normally. Now you see some random retard on any random spot. I could not compensate. Went from 4k recent down to 2k. From 65% to 54% recent WR. Can't keep 3k dmg on my tier 10s which seemed like a breeze before. For some reason I cannot play this game anymore. I miss 2015 world of tanks so much.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Don't worry guys, they're hard at work improving the game: crew skins!


    3. kariverson


      All these updates. They're only helping killing the game more. Even less work getting high tier tanks with these new blueprints. 

    4. hazzgar


      You had horrible players at t10 before. Don't you remember the uber campy meta when TD's were OP and had super camo and 850 alpha?

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