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  1. 2 member crews should gain xp twice faster than 4 member crews
  2. My guess is because some of them might be too new with too tiny guns for high tiers. With a quick wikipedia search the scorpion entered service in '73 and the biggest gun it could mount was 90mm for the export variants.
  3. YES, that is a God damn E75 on tier 8. RIP. Atleast defender will have a rival...
  4. Finally came around to finishing the 279 missions. I stopped playing them when I had only a few left many many months ago. SuperPershing MVP for the hard alliance missions.

  5. I want to disable 10 fucking maps. Fuck Arctic Region, Fuck Paris, Fuck Ensk, Fuck Serene Coast, Fuck Minsk, Fuck half the maps in this game.
  6. I blew 40k bonds on the thieving "auction" for a chieftain last campaign so I don't have any anymore for improved stuff lol
  7. That was pretty badass, 400mm of HESH penetration. Give the tank a 520 damage, 270mm Hesh standard ammo and leave the reload and gun stats the same. You have a meme tank that can't pen sides but atleast it's something different and it fulfills its role.
  8. Hmm I'd gladly take an autoreloading system, 2 or 3 rounds, progetto style in exchange for less armor. And some gun handling buffs. They do describe it as a pocket TD than a scout.
  9. Thanks for saying everything I feel dude. It's so frustrating playing below my overall stats. I cannot adjust to the new meta for my life. God I also absolutely hate those god damn Strvs. Most fucking cancerous tanks. I'll take WTE100s as enemies over STRVs any fucking day. Also for me, best era of the game was when the Waffentrager line got released. Murovanka with the magic forest <3
  10. Oh that sucks. I was hoping the FL reward would be that pz50t because it's the most uninteresting
  11. Is this confirmed somewhere that it is the frontlines reward? There are several tier 9 tanks ready to go. Arghh I hate that the frontlines mode is such a crazy huge grind. I want all reward tanks god dang it.
  12. I'm close to 279 for many months now, I just stopped playing all together. Going to be interesting to try. UDES sounds fun. I might try to grind it if I ever have time for normal WOT again. But Ranked even as they are now are still more fun than randoms.
  13. The chieftain is a double edged sword for me. Fun when it works but the gun is so bad. Doesn't pen anything on distance and up close it always derps and doesn't even hit the target. Half the times I'm missing, I'm like "where the hell did that go". 279s are pretty annoying when you don't have HEAT on even ground. Having trouble going up. I'm not used in camping. And passive play is what gets you chevrons in this mode unfortunately. Exploiting your teammates to get that losing chevron or retain.
  14. Imagine you grind all these 60 ranks and you end up in league 2 lol. WG keeps "fixing" stuff that are not broken...
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