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  1. My WoT is crashing now after loading page is complete. All of a sudden, I was already playing today earlier. No mods or anything. Playing Vanilla. It won't open. Any ideas? 

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    2. kariverson


      I fixed it. After some research I found out what's causing it. A random 3rd party mod in resmods/1.0 thingy. Most likely the wot numbers battle retriever. Thank you for your response. 

    3. Gr1nch_1


      How did you fix it? Just deleted res mods or? Im not using any mods but i do have wotnumbers installed. 

    4. kariverson


      There is a mod installed in resmods/1.0.0. Wotnumbers installs it. Just delete everything in 1.0.0 folder. 

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