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  1. I SEE A TYPE 5 I GET TRIGGERED. Why is 280 AP not enough for the god damn hatches? Didn't they weaken them at some point? It's ridiculous to be unable to fight back atleast

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      The tier 9 is great, the mobility along with decent pen and dpm (for a tier 9) on the 120 make for a solid package. I'd buff the premium AP on the 130 to 300mm (still on the low end but workable) while increasing the 120's dpm slightly- maybe a little less than the E5's rate so as not to overshadow that tank, which would also have 340 HEAT going for it.

    3. kariverson


      I'm even fine with leaving the guns as they are just make the armor workable. It has to fight vs half the enemy team shooting HE anyway. Buff the cheeks and make the lower plate stronger. Sides are trash anyway. Or just make the lower as strong as the upper. That'll fix everything. And there is no way the gun depression is -8 that has to be fake news. 

    4. hiipanda


      Guns need to be changed especially with the gold round nerf coming soon(tm). There are a lot of times where you just die because you can't do anything to a tank.


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