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  1. I SEE A TYPE 5 I GET TRIGGERED. Why is 280 AP not enough for the god damn hatches? Didn't they weaken them at some point? It's ridiculous to be unable to fight back atleast

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    2. Haswell


      There's a reason why the tier 10 standard is 340 pen HEAT.

    3. kariverson


      @FavreFan4ever Yeah the 120mm has WAY to low DPM. Shoots almost as slow as the 490dmg guns. IDK what they were thinking with the Tier 10 M4. Tier 9 was fine but the T10 sucks. Kinda fun to play when it works but sucks overall. 

    4. kariverson


      I don't get it why it has to be inferior than any other tier 10 heavy in the game. Lower plate is crap too as are the cheeks. 

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