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  1. I mean 50 120 is already so damn bad, do I have to get the worst damn teams as well? 2 shots off before I die every game this session. 2300 average damage while my other recent tier 9s had 3k. Now I'm so pissed I wanna kill somebody.

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    2. kolni


      Dont run 50b with optics lol might as well run binos and a camonet if u do that tbh

      meta has changed but the 50Bs place in the game is the same, no other tank can sub for it 

      play the rotation and attrition game in the 50B, extend every game as long as u can and ~5k dpgable

    3. kariverson


      5k dpg wow that's insane. I never aspire to be that good, I don't think my mental health can handle it xD. 3-3.2 is good enough for me xD

    4. kariverson


      So I finished the grind with 2700something dpg. Man nowadays you finish grinds so fast. I'm at 92% MoE so I might try to 3 mark it before I toss it. 

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