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  1. I mean 50 120 is already so damn bad, do I have to get the worst damn teams as well? 2 shots off before I die every game this session. 2300 average damage while my other recent tier 9s had 3k. Now I'm so pissed I wanna kill somebody.

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      honestly, 50b was awesome 2 years ago when it got buffed (when the swedish heavies got released).

      Now I can't see myself playing it anymore if not on maps like prok/mali, in which you can vision kite your enemies.


      Also 50 120 is fucking shit. I'd rather have the 50 100 than that POS in a tier 9/10 battle.

    3. kariverson


      I managed to get it to 2600 average damage now. But I think that's my limit unless I get a lucky session. Probably won't 3 mark it in the games I have left with it.

      So in 50B Vstab, Vents and Optics, no EGLD. It has good bloom when moving? 

    4. WhatTheSkara


      I personally run vents, optics and vstab, but around 90% of the good players i know run gld instead of optics.

      The difference is minimal imo, and not worth the loss of view range (I think I am at 480 without food or something).

      Otm dispersion isn't bad, I wouldn't dump a clip while going places though, I'd take advantage of the good accuracy and let the gun aim before unloading. It aims just as quickly as it loads shells, so you won't have the t57 problem in which your shell is loaded but the reticle is the size of Jupiter.

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