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  1. I tried the STB1 again today after months after its nerf. Still sucks ass. Reload to high for the damage per shot, gun still derps around, and the hydraulics still mess with aiming

    1. Assassin7


      Meanwhile (and this is high praise from me) I quite like it. I hated it when the non suspension depression was -6, but after they fixed that I barely notice the switchover any more. Meanwhile a sub 6 second reload is dank. Dont really feel the alpha nerf either tbh. I never had an issue with the gun handling myself either. (My STB when fully aimed is still, ironically, my second most accurate tier 10 tank at 0.32, after my Cent AX

      And the turret armour is super comfy, poking ridges is way safer now. And the extra depression is also pretty nice.


      I still think ultimately I would of preferred them to leave it as it was and just buff the turret and probably the DPM, but as it is now its absolutely a pretty decent buff over what it was.

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