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  1. What's the fucking point of the Leopard if it can't fucking snipe. Sand river and enemy is just throwing himself at me, clean sides etc NOTHING HITS, and if it hits it's only on the strong parts. 2 out of 12 and we lose. 

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      it's good at yoinking hp from idiots cause you can spot for yourself 

    2. kariverson


      Yeah one game is good the next you want to break the keyboard lol. Very unreliable.

    3. Diriz0n


      Sniping is usually a bad tactic, unless you can do it with impunity, like mega-bushed, or with tanks like Strv or E25. And a high rate of fire.  or late game,  picking on a tank that can't see you, with 35Om view range or something shit like that.

      Sniping is just too unreliable.A lower plate at four hundred meters out is quite small. And cupolas are tiny. And AP/APCR also lose their pen over distance too, definitely not using one hundred meter numbers anymore. 

      Leopard missing fully aimed shots,  or oi and KV2 derping a tank 52Om out  -  the game just doesn't assess accuracy (RNG) properly. 

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