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  1. After  all these years. after all these changes, t54 is still the most kickass tier 9.

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    2. hazzgar


      @kolni it's not a 100% fullproof solution. Just minimize your risk of getting penned and aim for that. I think the tank will still frustrate you because it's not a tank that gives you total control over what is happening (I expect the boost to results tapers off in the low 60's in WR) but the speed boost is a really significant upgrade. Before t95 felt absolutely useless. You basically only got damage on loosing flanks. Now you can actually attack things. The mobility is very similar to a Maus. Lower T4T HP but higher T4T armor Maus with no turret but 750 alpha is what it is now.


    3. kariverson


      @hazzgar I played it once more. Lakeville encounter. Untill I make it to the city I was alone vs 5 and lost again with 2 shots off and 320 dmg bounced. 45% WR on the damn tank now. It's just un-fucking-playable. 

    4. hazzgar


      @kariverson one game means nothing. Again the tank now travels at normal superheavy speed. The same would have happened to you in a Mauschen. You would maybe get 1 shot more off because lower alpha/higher rof but that's that. 

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