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  1. Played the "balance test server and I have one piece of feedback.

    This is the biggest stinkiest pile of steaming shit I have ever witnessed. Fire and Whip whoever came up with this horseshit. Wow. What in the blue hell did I play. I'm gonna have nightmares today, that's how frightfully bad it was. Scrap it ASAP, don't even let the test server run any longer. Scrap it now and pray people can forget about it in a couple of decades. 

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    2. Snoregasm2


      What is the biggest issue? The poor scaling of HP/DMG?

    3. kariverson


      Where do I start, new HE mechanics, new damage to every gun while gold dmg stays the same. Instead of doing the opposite. Indirect huge buff to superheavies and heavies, creates a huge gap between them and meds. No HESH mechanic, gets destroyed along with HE. Imagine the fv183 doing 250-500 only to heavies 0 pen. Arties got new round with more damage but no stun. And more crap. Oh they removed a shitton of tier 2 to 5 tanks so tech trees are more linear. 

    4. Snoregasm2


      Wow. The only one I kind of agree with is the 183 change. I guess arty and prem ammo they should do the opposite - keep current dmg as 'max' and have the new rounds 20% (or whatever it is) less, rather than making the dmg 20% more.

      Low tiers is probably a good thing for new players, and tbh i wouldn't mind if they got rid of the removed tanks completely (rather than making them reward vehicles-lite).

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