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  1. It is unbelievable how WG support is worse than the hijacker. My account remains locked and they are now ignoring my messages for 48 hours. I've paid their company over a thousand euros over the years. But the worst thing is the hours I put on that account. I'm gonna escalate this as much as it goes. I wouldn't put it past them if someone of them got in my account. It wasn't some random guy when he played 279, chieftain and ranked battles reward tank. 

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    2. Bobi_Kreeg


      You should learn from other ppls mistakes. Customer support will not help you if someone has your password. 

      From their position: Who says you didnt share or sell your account? There are lots of ppl selling accounts to strangers and then hijacking them back. 

      You fucked yourself in the *** when you started a dispute. If they give you your account back, consider yourself LUCKY. 

    3. kariverson


      @Bobi_Kreeg They can confirm it's me, it doesn't even require that much effort. First of all I gave them screenshots and PDF of my paypal transactions. That means that the hijacker would have to have access to my paypal and mobile phone. They just don't want to bother.

    4. kariverson


      Email to paypal sent. Lets see if they can somehow help me. 

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