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  1. It is unbelievable how WG support is worse than the hijacker. My account remains locked and they are now ignoring my messages for 48 hours. I've paid their company over a thousand euros over the years. But the worst thing is the hours I put on that account. I'm gonna escalate this as much as it goes. I wouldn't put it past them if someone of them got in my account. It wasn't some random guy when he played 279, chieftain and ranked battles reward tank. 

    1. crapcannon


      And I thought my perma chat ban was bad. Garbage customer support like this is why I'm no longer spending a dime or time on this shit game. They can easily find out the IP address of the offender. They just don't give a shit. People need to stop shelling out real money on this game. Unfortunately during this pandemic they're raking in the cash flow and you're not a priority.

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